Requests (SolveIT)

  • Navigate to
  • Log on using your UFS email address as your username and campus password
  • Select Service Catalog to view all categories
  • Select the relevant option
    • If there are sub-options, select the relevant sub-options
  • Complete each section of the page then click Submit
  • On the Incident page, if you have any additional comments or details you would like to add, enter them in the additional comments text box.
    • If you would like your ICT Liaison or another colleague to keep an eye on your call, add him/her to the Watch list and click Update Your request will be logged with ICT Servicedesk

Request a Security Report

Devices constantly needs to be updated to reduce the risk of exploitation. ICT Services automatically update computers with patches, as they are made available by well-known vendors after following a testing and approval process. Staff members can however request a security report against devices under their control. To request a report you can log a request on SolveIT. Except for your contact information ICT Services will require your computers host name which can be found on your desktop (see below).