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Student Card Information and Access Control

Your student card is your key to all kinds of services and events at the UFS. It is your official university identification and, as a student or employee, you are required to carry it with you whenever you are on campus.  An electronic student card is for the student's personal use only and must not be used by other persons. Your personal details are associated with your card and are unique to your card.

Prevention Tips

  • Never tell anyone your pin code.
  • Use a unique pin code. This must not be consecutive numbers such as 12345 or related to your student number, ID number or passport number, as these are printed on the student card.
  • Keep an eye on your student card every time you use it, and make sure you get it back as quickly as possible. Whenever possible, try not to let your card out of your sight.
  • Be very careful to whom you give your card when doing a transaction.
  • Do not write your pin code on your student card or store it anywhere near your card (in the event of your wallet being stolen).
  • Never leave your cards or receipts lying around.
  • Check your bill promptly and make sure there are no unusual charges. Treat your student card bill like your bank account – reconcile it monthly. Save your receipts so you can compare them with your student account.
  • If you find any charges that you do not recognise, report such charges promptly (and in writing) to the Card Division.
  • Never lend a student card to anyone else.
  • If you believe you have been a victim of card fraud, contact the Card Division immediately.

Access Control

The Electronic Access Control System has been implemented by the university to protect the university community, property, and assets. Your cooperation in adhering to these conditions will ensure that security and safety on campus are maintained.

The university reserves the right to examine all electronic information on its systems and to monitor usage in order to ensure compliance with these conditions and to ensure that the facilities and systems function in a secure, efficient, and effective manner.

  • Keep your own student card with you at all times.
  • Do not allow any person to access any door or gate with your student card or by sneaking in/out behind you.
  • Never put any device in front of a door or keep it open.

Example with regard to the anti-pass-back system:

Jane arrives at her residence gate and swipes her card through the card device in order to gain access to the building. She must now wait five minutes before trying to gain access at any other access control point in the building.  Jane may exit again but will not be able to swipe in again because of a waiting period of ten minutes for swiping in or out.  Jane MUST swipe out in order to have access to other buildings. Should she not swipe out, the system will regard her as still being in the residence.

The anti-pass-back system has been activated due to misuse at media labs and the Library where students were handing their cards to other students without cards to enable access. There is a R100 fine for misuse of student cards in this regard.

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