Staff and students are our most valuable assets. We have various initiatives and dedicated professionals to ensure the physical safety and mental health of our staff and students. 

Safety first: UFS Emergency Protocol

The safety, health, and well-being of staff and students remain the university’s priority. Your safety and security are important to us, and we are working hard to create a safe work and study place. To help minimise risks on our three campuses, we have put together some tips and resources to protect you and others.

Protection Services 
Visit the Protection Services website

Protection Services is available 24 hours a day, with various safety measures in place that are continuously evaluated and updated.

Important Contact Numbers:

Emergency Services:

Bloemfontein Campus
Bloem copy

Protection Services: +27 51 401 2911 | +27 51 401 2634 | 0800 204 682
Ambulance: +27 80 005 1051 | 10177
Social worker: +27 73 182 3048
Kovsie Health: +27 51 401 2603

Emergency Services
Qwaqwa Campus     
Qwaqwa copy

Protection Services: +27 58 718 5460 | +27 58 718 5175 | +27 58 718 5360
Ambulance: 10177
Social Worker: +27 58 718 5090 | +27 58 718 5091
Kovsie Health:    +27 58 718 5210                          

Emergency Services:
South Campus
South copy

Protection Services: +27 51 505 1217
Ambulance: +27 80 005 1051 | 10177
Social worker: +27 73 182 3048
Kovsie Health: +27 51 401 2603

Important safety tips and information are regularly communicated to staff and students through our dynamic BSafe campaign.

Important Documents

BSafe Take Action

SCD copy
Student Counselling and Development (SCD)

Visit the Student Counselling and Development website

SCD is staffed by a team of registered mental-health professionals whose aim it is to promote, enable, and optimise students’ mental well-being. It offers a wide array of services, including individual counselling, career counselling, and developmental workshops/programmes.

Mental Health Resources

Employee Well-being
Visit the Employee Well-being website

The UFS has a vibrant Organisational Development and Employee Well-being section operating on all three campuses as part of our Department of Human Resources, with various initiatives to ensure that the overall well-being of staff is looked after.

Employee engagement and the employee experience are intertwined in the division’s strategic objectives, which are achieved through a variety of programmes available to all employees:

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