Research Questions


How do ‘disadvantaged’ youth from rural and townships schools access, participate in and succeed in higher education, and then move into work? [data]. [What can the TF programme tell us about what works well for these students.]

What contextual dimensions of economic, policy, social and educational conditions enable or inhibit access, participation, and success? [data]

What multidimensional higher education learning outcomes which benefit individuals and society are valued by stakeholders, including students? [data]

How can the capabilities approach be applied analytically to the multiple data sets to produce a multi-dimensional inclusive higher education capabilities-based higher education Index? [measurement, across all data sets]

How can the Index be used to inform policy and practice interventions that confront the structural inequalities impacting on learning outcomes of students from challenging contexts? [impact space]

How can we develop an innovative theoretical approach for understanding inclusive learning outcomes in higher education but with broader educational relevance in developing countries? [theory space]