Prof Marietjie Schutte-Smith
Associate Professor
IB 48
Chemistry Building 102

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NAME                                                   :                       Marietjie

SURNAME                                            :                       Schutte-Smith

E-MAIL ADDRESS                                :                  



University of the Free State        2004                 B.Sc. (Chemistry and Biology)

University of the Free State        2005                 B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry with distinction

University of the Free State        2008                 M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry with distinction), ‘A Mechanistic study of substitution reactions on tricarbonyl complexes of  Rhenium(I)’.

University of the Free State        2011                 Ph.D (Inorganic Chemistry), ‘Novel radiopharmaceuticals: characterisation,substitution kinetics and biological evaluation of tricarbonyl complexes of Rhenium(I).’



Senior Lecturer(Jan 2016 – present)

Lecturer(Jul 2012 – Dec 2015)

Junior Lecturer(Jan 2010 – Jun 2012)


4.  PUBLICATIONS (since 2020)

Gantsho, L.V., Dotou, M., Jakubaszek, M., Goud, B., Gasser, G., Visser, H.G., Schutte-Smith, M. Synthesis, characterization, kinetic investigation and biological evaluation of Re(I) di- and tricarbonyl complexes with tertiary phosphine ligands. Dalton Trans. 2020, 49, 35-46.

Marogoa, N.R., Kama, D.V., Visser, H.G., Schutte-Smith, M. Crystal structures of chlorido[dihydroxybis(1-iminoethoxy)]arsanido-?3N,As,N]platinum(II) and of a polymorph of chlorido[dihydroxybis(1-iminopropoxy)arsanido-?3N,As,N]platinum(II). Acta Cryst. 2020, E76, 180-185.

Manicum, A.-L., Alexander, O., Schutte-Smith, M., Visser, H.G. Synthesis, characterization and substitution reactions of fac-[Re(O,O’-bid)(CO)3(P)] complexes, using the “2+1” mixed ligand model. J. Mol. Struct. 2020, 1209, 127953.

Mokolokolo, P.P., Brink, A., Roodt, A., Schutte-Smith, M. Subtle variation of stereo-electronic effects in rhodium(I) carbonyl Schiff base complexes and their iodomethane oxidative addition kinetics. J. Coord. Chem. 2020, 73(17-19), 2740-2762.

Schutte-Smith, M., Marker, S. C., Wilson, J. J, Visser, H.G. Aquation and Anation Kinetics of Rhenium(I) Dicarbonyl Complexes: Relation to Cell Toxicity and Bioavailability. Inorg. Chem. 2020, 58(21), 15888-15897.

Mokolokolo, P.P., Alexander, O.T., Schutte-Smith, M., Brink, A., Roodt, A. Crystal structure of monocarbonyl[2-((cyclopentylmethylene)amino)-5-methylphenolato-?2N,O]tricyclohexyl- phosphine) rhodium(I), C32H48NO2PRh. Z. Kristallogr. NCS. 2020, 235(5), 1199-1201.

Kama, D.V., Frei, A., Schutte-Smith, M., Brink, A., Swart, C., Braband, H., Alberto, R., Roodt, A. Exploring preliminary structural relationships and mitochondrial targeting of fac-[MI(CO)3]-bis(diarylphosphino)alkylamine complexes (M = 99Tc, Re). New J. Chem. 2021, 45, 22141-22149.

Kapp, L.E., Schutte-Smith, M., Twigge, L., Visser, H.G. Synthesis, characterization and DNA binding of four imidazo[4,5-f]1,10-phenanthroline derivatives. J. Mol. Struct. 2022, 1247, 131235.

Wilhelm, A., Bonnet, S.L., Twigge, L., Rarova, L., Stenclova, T., Visser, H.G., Schutte-Smith, M. Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic evaluation of chalcone derivatives. J. Mol. Struct. 2022, 1251, 132001.

Schutte-Smith, M., Visser, H.G. Crystal and molecular structures of fac-[Re(Bid)(PPh3)(CO)3] [Bid is tropolone (TropH) and tribromotropolone (TropBr3H)]. Acta Cryst. 2022, C78, 351-359.

Manicum, A.-L., Schutte-Smith, M., Malan, F.P., Visser, H.G. Steric and electronic influence of Re(I) tricarbonyl complexes with various coordinated ß-diketones. J. Mol. Struct. 2022, 1264, 133278.

Moherane, L., Alexander, O.T., Schutte-Smith, M., Kroon, R.E., Mokolokolo, P.P., Biswas, S., Prince, S., Visser, H.G., Manicum, A.-L. Polypyridyl coordinated rhenium(I) tricarbonyl complexes as model devices for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Polyhedron 2022, 228, 116178.

Schutte-Smith, M., Erasmus, E., Mogale, E., Marogoa, N., Jayiya, A., Visser, H.G. Using visible light to activate antiviral and antimicrobial properties of TiO2 nanoparticles in paints and coatings: focus on new developments for frequent-touch surfaces in hospitals. J. Coat. Technol. Res. 2023, 20(3), 789-817.

Enslin, L.E., Purkait, K., Pozza, M.D., Saubamea, B., Mesdom, P., Visser, H.G., Gasser, G., Schutte-Smith, M. Rhenium(I) Tricarbonyl Complexes of 1,10 Phenanthroline Derivatives with Unexpectedly High Cytotoxicity. Inorg. Chem. 2023. 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c00730



Thembani N. Twala, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, A crystallographic and mechanistic investigation of Manganese(I) tricarbonyl complexes, University of the Free State, 2013.

Lebohang Mphure, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, A spectroscopic mechanistic study on Zirconium(IV) and Hafnium(IV) complexes, University of the Free State, 2015.

Pheello I. Nkoe, MSc Dissertation, Supervisor, A mechanistic study of Sulphur, Nitrogen and Oxygen donor bidentate ligand interactions on the Rhenium(I) tricarbonyl core, University of the Free State, 2016.

Amanda-Lee Manicum, PhD Thesis, Co-Promotor, A solid state and mechanistic study of carbonyl activation in Rhenium(I) complexes as radiopharmaceutical models , University of the Free State, 2017.

Pule Petrus Molokoane, PhD Thesis, Co-Promotor, Solid state and mechanistic study on pyrone based complexes of early, middle and platinum group transition metal elements, University of the Free State, 2018.

Nina Reabetswe Mamatye Marogoa, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, Synthesis and characterisation of arsenoplatin compounds for application as potential anti-cancer agents. University of the Free State, 2018.

Verity Lindiwe Gantsho, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, A structural and mechanistic investigation of the formation of Re(I) dicarbonyl complexes, University of the Free State, 2018.

Lucy Ellen Kapp, MSc Dissertation, Supervisor, Fighting cancer with metals: Main focus on Rhenium(I) complexes, University of the Free State, 2019.

Mokete Albert Motente, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supevisor, Natural product ligands coordinated to Rhenium tricarbonyl as radiopharmaceutical synthon, University of the Free State, 2019.

Ursula Oosthuizen, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, Rhenium(I) complexes and cancer: synthesis and characterization of mono- and bi-metallic complexes, University of the Free Sate, 2019.

Leandri Jansen van Vuuren, MSc Dissertation, Supervisor, A study of the synthesis, characterisation and cytotoxicity of tropones and troponimines and its Rhenium(I) coordination compounds, University of the Free State, 2020.

Christo van Staden, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, Manipulation of aurophilic interactions of Au(I) PNP complexes by design, University of the Free State, 2021.

Jeaneme Kuhn, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, Heavy metal abundance in areas utilized by giraffes, University of the Free State, 2021.

Kina-Ann Muller, PhD Thesis, Co-Promotor, A solid state and kinetic study of bidentate oxygen donor complexes of copper, University of the Free State, 2021.

Pheello Isaac Nkoe, PhD Thesis, Promotor, Photoluminescence and structural evaluation of O,O’ and N,N’ bidentate ligands and its Re(I) tricarbonyl complexes, University of the Free State, 2021.

Janine Blignaut, MSc Dissertation, Co-Supervisor, Gold(I) complexes bearing phosphine pincer ligands; characterization, luminescence, and anticancer properties, University of the Free State, 2022.

Naledi Nzhadzhaba, MSc Dissertation, Supervisor, Synthesis, characterisation, luminescence and cytotoxicity of rhenium(I) complexes bearing N,N’-bidentate ligands, University of the Free State, 2022.


Students currently supervised:

L. Kapp (PhD, Promotor)

U. Oosthuizen (PhD, Co-Promotor)

C. van Staden (PhD, Co-Promotor)

L. Jansen van Vuuren (PhD, Promotor)

J. Blignaut (PhD, Supervisor)

N. Nzhadzaba (PhD, Co-Supervisor)

A. Jayiya (MSc, Co-Supervisor)

N. Moragoa (PhD, Supervisor)

R. Mogale (Post-doc, Co-Supervisor)

L. Moherane (PhD, Promotor)




Senate’s Medal – Best MSc student at the University of the Free State (2008)

Dean’s Medal – Best MSc student in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (2008)

PETLabs prize – Best MSc student in Chemistry (2008)

The Chris Small Prize – For an outstanding master’s dissertation (2008)

S2A3 Medal for original research at Master’s level – Best master’s dissertation in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (2008)

Bruker prize – best PhD-student in Chemistry (2012)

Invited to be part of the Vice-Chancellor’s Prestige Scholars Programme (PSP) – since 2013

Best Lecturer in the Category: Student Engagement & Learning 2017

Winner of Favourite Module 2018: CHEM1513

NRF rating: Y2 rating – January 2019

Marketing committee (Department of Chemistry) – since January 2019

RAC committee (UFS) – since January 2023

Inorganic chemistry divisional head and Steering committee – since January 2023



Publications (Short List)

vd Westhuizen, H.J., Meijboom, R., Schutte, M., Roodt, A., Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 9599-9608.

Schutte, M., Kemp, G., Visser, H.G., Roodt, A.  Inorg Chem. 2011, 50(24), 12486-12498.

Schutte, M., Visser, H.G., Roodt, A.  Inorg. Chem. 2012, 51, 11996-12006.

Schutte-Smith, M., Muller, T.J., Visser, H.G., Roodt, A.  Acta Cryst. 2013, C69, 1467-1471.

Manicum, A., Schutte-Smith, M., Kemp, G., Visser, H.G.  Polyhedron 2015, 85, 190-195.

Twala, T.N., Schutte-Smith, M., Roodt, A., Visser, H.G. Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 3278-3288.

Schutte-Smith, M., Visser, H.G. Polyhedron 2015, 89, 122-128.

Malaza, S., Govender, P., Schutte-Smith, M., Visser, H.G., Smith, G.S. Eur. J. of Inorg. Chem. 2017, 33, 3919-3927.

Mokolokolo, P.P., Frei, A., Tsosana, M.S., Kama, D.V., Schutte-Smith, M., Brink, A., Visser, H.G., Meola, G., Alberto, A., Roodt, A. Inorg. Chim. Acta 2018, 471, 249-256.

Manicum, A-L., Schutte-Smith, M., Visser, H.G. Polyhedron 2018,


Coordination Chemistry

Radiopharmaceutical Design

Reaction Mechanisms and High Pressure Kinetics

Design of potential PDT agents

Re-DNA linking and reaction kinetics

Area(s) of Interest

Coordination Chemistry

Radiopharmaceutical Design


Reaction Mechanisms

High Pressure Kinetics

Natural products

Courses Presented







Community Service

Service Learning


Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531


Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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