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66.  ValverdeA, CasonED, Gomez-AriasA, BozkaleD, GovenderD, RiddellE, Cowan D(2018) Microbial community composition, but neither function nor alpha diversity, responds to chronic pollution in river water and sediments.Under review

65.  Maleke M, Valverde A, Gomez-Arias A, Cason E, Vermeulen J-G, Coetsee-Hugo L, Swart HC, van Heerden E, Castillo JC. Anaerobic reduction of europium by a Clostridium strain as a strategy for rare earth biorecovery. Sci Rep.Accepted

64.  Cason ED, Vermeulen J-G, Müller WJ, van Heerden E, Valverde A.(2019) Aerobic and anaerobic enrichment cultures highlight the pivotal role of facultative anaerobes in soil hydrocarbon degradation. J Environ Sci Health, part A. 54: 408-415.

63.  Dube JP, Valverde A, Steyn JM, Cowan DA, Van der Waals JE (2019) Differences in bacterial diversity, composition and function due to long-term agriculture in soils in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. Diversity. 11:61.

62.  Maleke M, Valverde A, Vermeulen J-G, Cason ED, Gomez-Arias A, Moloantoa KM, Coetsee-Hugo L, Swart HC, van Heerden E, Castillo JC (2019) Biomineralization and bioaccumulation of europium by a thermophilic metal resistant bacterium. Front Microbiol. 10:81.

61.  Flores-Felix JD, Sánchez-Juanes F, García-Fraile P, Valverde A, Mateos PF, Gónzalez-Buitrago JM, Velázquez E, Rivas R (2019) Phaseolus vulgarisis nodulated by the symbiovar viciaeof several genospecies of Rhizobium laguerreae complex in a Spanish region where Lens culinarisis the traditionally cultivated legume. Syst Appl Microbiol.42: 240-247.

60.  KamutandoCN, Vikram S, Kamgan-Nkuekam G, MakhalanyaneTP, Greve M, Le Roux JJ, RichardsonDM, CowanDA, Valverde A.(2019) The functional potential of the rhizospheric microbiome of an invasive tree species, Acacia dealbataMicrob Ecol. 77: 191-200.

59.  Zimudzi J, van der WaalsJE, CoutinhoTA, CowanDA, ValverdeA.(2018) Temporal shifts of fungal communities in the rhizosphere and on tubers in potato fields.Fungal Biol. 122: 928-934.

58.  Nkuekam KG, Cowan DA, Valverde A.(2018) Arable agriculture changes soil microbial communities in the South African grassland biome. S Afr J Sci.114: #2017-0288.

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56.  Van GoethemMW, MakhalanyaneTP, Cowan DA, ValverdeA.(2017) Cyanobacteria and alphaproteobacteria may facilitate cooperative interactions in niche communities. Front Microbiol. 8: 2099.

55.  KamutandoCN, Vikram S, Kamgan-Nkuekam G, MakhalanyaneTP, Greve M, Le Roux JJ, RichardsonDM, CowanDA, Valverde A.(2017) Soil nutritional status and biogeography influence rhizosphere microbial communities associated with the invasive treeAcacia dealbata. Sci Rep.7: 6472.

54.  Medina-Sierra M, Igual-Arroyo M, Restrepo-Betancur F, Valverde A, Santa-Regina I (2017) Relationship between plant species diversity and plant biomass of orchard grass and lucerne sown in different ratios in the province of Salamanca, Spain. Open J For. 7: 336-351.

53.  Valverde A, Gonzalez-Tirante M, Medina-Sierra M, Rivas R, Santa-Regina I, Igual JM. (2017) Culturable bacterial diversity from the chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) phyllosphere and screening of antagonism against the fungi causing the chestnut blight and ink diseases. AIMS Microbiol.3: 293-314.

52.  Miyambo T, Makhalanyane TP, Cowan D, Valverde A.(2016) Plants of the Fynbos biome harbour host species-specific bacterial communities. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 363: fnw122.

51.  Van Goethem MW, MakhalanyaneTP, ValverdeA, CarySC, Cowan DA. (2016) Characterization of bacterial communities in lithobionts and soil niches from Victoria Valley, Antarctica. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 92: fiw051.

50.  ArmstrongA, ValverdeA, RamondJB, MakhalanyaneTP, Jansson J, HopkinsHW, AsprayTJ, SeelyM, TrindadeMI, Cowan DA. (2016) Temporal dynamics of hot desert microbial communities reveal structural and functional responses to water input. Sci Rep.6: 34434.

49.  Oloo F*Valverde A*, Quiroga MV, Vikram S, Cowan D, Mataloni G. (2016) Habitat heterogeneity and connectivity shape aquatic microbial communities in South American peatlands. Sci Rep.6: 25712.

*These authors contributed equally to this work

48.  ValverdeA, De MaayerP, Oberholster T, HenschelJ, Louw MK, CowanDA. (2016) Specific microbial communities associate with the rhizosphere of Welwitschia mirabilis, a living fossil. PLoS ONE11: e0153353.

47.  Makhalanyane TP, Valverde A, Gunnigle E, Frossard A, Ramond J-B, Cowan DA. (2015) Microbial ecology of hot desert edaphic systems. FEMS Microbiol Rev.39: 203-221.

46.  QuirogaMV*,Valverde A*, Mataloni G, Cowan DA. (2015) Understanding diversity patterns in bacterioplankton communities from a Sub-Antarctic peatland. Env Microbiol Rep.7: 547-553.

*These authorscontributed equally to this work

45. Makhalanyane TP, Valverde A, Velazquez D, Gunningle E, Van Goethem MW, Quesada A, Cowan DA. (2015) Ecology and biogeochemistry of cyanobacteria in soils, permafrost, aquatic and cryptic polar habitats. Biodiv Conserv.24: 819-840. 

44. Valverde A, Makhalanyane TP, Seely M, Cowan DA. (2015) Cyanobacteria drive community composition and functionality in rock-soil interface communities. Mol Ecol. 24: 812-821.

43.  Valverde A, Makhalanyane TP, Cowan DA. (2014) Contrasting assembly processes in a bacterial metacommunity along a desiccation gradient. Front Microbiol. 5: 668.

42.  Sanchez-Juanes F, Ferreira L, Alonso P, Valverde A, Leon-Barrios M, Rivas R, Mateos PF, Martinez-Molina E, Gonzalez-Buitrago JM, Trujillo ME, Velazquez E. (2013) MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry as a tool for differentiation of Bradyrhizobiumspecies: application to the identification of Lupinusnodulating strains. Syst Appl Microbiol. 36: 565-571.

41.  Cowan DA, Rybicki E, Tuffin M, Valverde A, Wingfield MJ. (2013) Biodiversity: so much more than legs and leaves. S Afr J Sci.109: a0037.

40.  Makhalanyane TP, Valverde A, Birkeland NK, Cary SG, Tuffin MI, Cowan DA. (2013) Evidence for successional development in Antarctic hypolithic bacterial communities. ISME Journal.7: 2080-2090.

39.  Ramos E, Ramirez-Bahena MH, Valverde A, Velazquez E, Zuñiga D, Velezmoro C, Peix A. (2013) Pseudomonas punonensissp. nov., isolated from straw. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol.63: 1834-1839.

38.  Roychoudhury AN, Cowan DA, Porter D, Valverde A.(2013) Dissimilatory sulphate reduction in hypersaline coastal pans: an integrated microbiological and geochemical study. Geobiology11: 224-233.

37.  Flores-Felix JD, Carro L, Velazquez E, Valverde A, Cerda-Castillo E, Garcia-Fraile P, Rivas R. (2013) Phyllobacterium endophyticumsp. nov., isolated from nodules of Phaseolusvulgaris.Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 63: 821-826.

36.  Makhalanyane TP, Valverde A, Lacap DC, Pointing SB, Tuffin MI, Cowan DA. (2013) Evidence of species recruitment and development of hot desert hypolithic communities. Environ Microbiol Rep.5:219-224.

35.  Gokul JK, Valverde A, Tuffin M, Cary SC, Cowan DA. (2013) Micro-eukaryotic diversity in hypolithons from Miers Valley, Antarctica. Biology 2013: 331-340.

34.  Stomeo F*,Valverde A*, Pointing SB, Tuffin M, Cowan DA. (2013) Hypolithic and soil microbial community assembly along an aridity gradient in the Namib Desert. Extremophiles17: 329-337.

       *These authorscontributed equally to this work

33.  Stomeo F, Makhalanyane TP, Valverde A, Pointing SB, Stevens MI, Cary CS, Tuffin MI, Cowan DA. (2012) Abiotic factors influence microbial diversity in permanently cold soil horizons of a maritime-associated Antarctic Dry Valley. FEMS Microbiol Ecol.82: 326-340.

32.  Azziz G, Bajsa N, Haghjou T, Taule C, Valverde A, Igual JM, Arias A. (2012) Abundance, diversity and prospecting of culturable phosphate solubilizing bacteria on soils under crop-pasture rotations in a no-tillage regime in Uruguay. Appl Soil Ecol.61: 320-326.

31.  Carro-Garcia L, Rivas R, Leon-Barrios M, Gonzalez-Tirante M, Velazquez E, Valverde A.(2012) Herbaspirillum canariense sp. nov., Herbaspirillum aurantiacum sp. nov. andHerbaspirillum soli sp. nov., isolated from volcanic mountain soil, and emended description of the genus Herbaspirillum.Int J Syst Evol Microbiol.62:1300-1306.

30.  Valverde A, Tuffin M, Cowan DA. (2012) Biogeography of bacterial communities in hot springs: a focus on the actinobacteria. Extremophiles16: 669-679.

29.  Perez T, Balcazar JL, Peix A, Valverde A, Velazquez E, de Blas I, Ruiz-Zarzuela I. (2011) Lactococcus lactissubsp. tructaesubsp. nov., isolated from the intestinal mucus of brown trout (Salmo trutta) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 61: 1894-1898.

28.  Salazar S, Sanchez LE, Alvarez J, Valverde A, Galindo P, Igual JM, Peix A, Santa-Regina I. (2011) Correlation among soil enzyme activities under different forest system management practices. Ecol Eng.37: 1123-1131.

27.  Valverde A, Gonzalez-Tirante M, Medina-Sierra M, Santa-Regina I, Garcia-Sanchez A, Igual JM. (2011) Diversity and community structure of culturable arsenic-resistant bacteria across a soil arsenic gradient at an abandoned tungsten-tin mining area. Chemosphere85: 129-134.

26.  Valverde A, Velazquez E, Igual JM, van Berkum P. (2011) Evidence for an American origin of the genes for symbiosis in Rhizobium lusitanumAppl Environ Microbiol.77: 5665-5670.

25.  Velazquez E, Valverde A, Rivas R, Gomis V, Peix A, Gantois I, Igual JM, Leon-Barrios M, Willems A, Mateos PF, Martinez-Molina E. (2010) Strains nodulating Lupinus albuson different continents belong to several new chromosomal and symbiotic lineages within BradyrhizobiumAntonie van Leeuwenhoek97: 363-376.

24.  Valverde A, Fterich A, Mahdhi M, Ramirez-Bahena MH, Caviedes MA, Mars M, Velazquez E, Rodriguez-Llorente ID. (2010) Paenibacillus prosopidissp. nov., isolated from the nodules of Prosopis farctaInt J Syst Evol Microbiol. 60: 2182-2186.

23.  Lerner A, Valverde A, Castro-Sowinski S, Lerner H, Okon Y, Burdman S. (2010) Phenotypic variation in Azospirillum brasilenseexposed to starvation. Environ Microbiol Rep.2: 577-586.

22.  Lerner A, Castro-Sowinski S, Valverde A, Lerner H, Dror R, Okon Y, Burdman S. (2009) The Azospirillum brasilenseSp7 noeJ and noeL genes are involved in extracellular polysaccharide biosynthesis. Microbiology-Sgm155: 4058-4068.

21.  Delvasto P, Ballester A, Muñoz JA, Gonzalez F, Blazquez ML, Igual JM, Valverde A, Garcia-Balboa C. (2009) Mobilization of phosphorus from iron ore by the bacterium Burkholderia caribensisFeGL03. Miner Eng.22: 1-9.

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19.  Yishay M, Burdman S, Valverde A, Luzzatto T, Ophir R, Yedidia I. (2008) Differential pathogenicity and genetic diversity among Pectobacterium carotovorumssp carotovorumisolates from monocot and dicot hosts support early genomic divergence within this taxon. Environ Microbiol.10: 2746-2759.

18.  Valverde A, Peix A, Rivas R, Velazquez E, Salazar S, Santa-Regina I, Rodriguez-Barrueco C, Igual JM. (2008) Paenibacillus castaneaesp nov., isolated from the phyllosphere of Castanea sativaMiller. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 58: 2560-2564.

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16.  Delvasto P, Valverde A, Ballester A, Munoz JA, Gonzalez F, Blazquez ML, Igual JM, Garcia-Balboa C. (2008) Diversity and activity of phosphate bioleaching bacteria from a high-phosphorus iron ore. Hydrometallurgy92: 124-129.

15.  Valverde A, Hubert T, Stolov A, Dagar A, Kopelowitz J, Burdman S. (2008) Assessment of genetic diversity of Xanthomonas campestrispv. campestrisisolates from Israel by various DNA fingerprinting techniques. Plant Pathol.56: 17-25.

14.  Stolov A*Valverde A*, Ronald P, Burdman S. (2008) Purification of soluble and active RaxH, a transmembrane histidine protein kinase from Xanthomonas oryzaepv. oryzaerequired for AvrXa21 activity. Mol Plant Pathol.8: 93-101.

       *These authorscontributed equally to this work

13.  Peix A*Valverde A*, Rivas R, Igual JM, Ramirez-Bahena MH, Mateos PF, Santa-Regina I, Rodriguez-Barrueco C, Martinez-Molina E, Velazquez E. (2007) Reclassification of Pseudomonas aurantiacaas a synonym of Pseudomonas chlororaphisand proposal of three subspecies, P. chlororaphissubsp chlororaphissubsp nov., P. chlororaphissubsp aureofacienssubsp nov., comb. nov and P. chlororaphissubsp aurantiacasubsp nov., comb. nov. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 57: 1286-1290.

       *These authorscontributed equally to this work

12.  Velazquez E, Rivas R, del Villar M, Valverde A, Peix A, Mateos PF, Martinez-Molina E. (2006) A new approach for separating low-molecular-weight RNA molecules by staircase electrophoresis in non-sequencing gels. Electrophoresis27: 1732-1738.

11.  Valverde A, Okon Y, Burdman S. (2006) cDNA-AFLP reveals differentially expressed genes related to cell aggregation of Azospirillum brasilenseFEMS Microbiol Lett.265: 186-194.

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2.    Rivas R, Velazquez E, Valverde A, Mateos PF, Martinez-Molina E. (2001) A two primers random amplified polymorphic DNA procedure to obtain polymerase chain reaction fingerprints of bacterial species. Electrophoresis22: 1086-1089.

1.    Igual JM, Valverde A, Cervantes E, Velazquez E. (2001) Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria as inoculants for agriculture: use of updated molecular techniques in their study. Agronomie21: 561-568.



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