Prof Charles Haddad
Associate Professor
Zoology and Entomology
D 208
IB 49

Short CV

PhD (Entomology) - University of the Free State, 2012



Publications (Short List)

Publications (2014-2016)


HADDAD, C.R. 2014. A revision of the endemic South African sac spider genus Lessertina Lawrence, 1942 (Araneae: Eutichuridae). Zootaxa 3873: 82–92.

RAMÍREZ, M.J., GRISMADO, C.J., LABARQUE, F.M., IZQUIERDO, M.A., LEDFORD, J.M., MILLER, J.A., HADDAD, C.R. & GRISWOLD, C.E. 2014. The morphology and relationships of the walking mud spiders of the genus Cryptothele (Araneae: Zodariidae). Zoologischer Anzeiger 253: 382–393.

WESOLOWSKA, W. & HADDAD, C.R. 2014. An overview of the jumping spiders of Lesotho (Araneae: Salticidae), with descriptions of six new species. African Invertebrates 55: 229–268.


DIPPENAAR-SCHOEMAN, A.S., HADDAD, C.R., FOORD, S.H., LYLE, R., LOTZ, L.N. & MARAIS, P. 2015. South African National Survey of Arachnida (SANSA): review of current knowledge, constraints and future needs for documenting spider diversity (Arachnida: Araneae). Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 70: 245–275.

HADDAD, C.R. 2015. A revision of the southern African two-eyed spider genus Diploglena (Araneae: Caponiidae). African Invertebrates 56: 343–363.

HADDAD, C.R. & DIPPENAAR-SCHOEMAN, A.S. 2015. Diversity of non-acarine arachnids of the Ophathe Game Reserve, South Africa: testing a rapid sampling protocol. Koedoe 57(#1255): 1–15.

HADDAD, C.R. & FOORD, S.H. 2015. The life and times of Africa’s First Lady of Arachnology, Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman. African Invertebrates 56: 269–283.

HADDAD, C.R., FOORD, S.H., FOURIE, R. & DIPPENAAR-SCHOEMAN, A.S. 2015. Effects of a fast-burning spring fire on the ground-dwelling spider assemblages (Arachnida: Araneae) in a central South African grassland habitat. African Zoology 50: 281–292.

HADDAD, C.R. & MBO, Z. 2015. Five new species of the Afrotropical dark sac spider genus Messapus Simon, 1898 (Araneae: Corinnidae). Zootaxa 4057: 385–398.


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CECCARELLI, F.S., HADDAD, C.R. & RAMÍREZ, M.J. 2016. First record of endosymbiontic Rickettsiales (Alphaproteobacteria) from the spider genus Amaurobioides (Araneae: Anyphaenidae). Journal of Arachnology 44: 251–253.


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HADDAD, C.R. 2016. Diversity and ecology of spider assemblages associated with Vachellia xanthophloea bark in a South African reserve (Arachnida: Araneae). African Entomology 24: 321–333.

HADDAD, C.R., BRABEC, M., PEKÁR, S. & FOURIE, R. 2016. Seasonal population dynamics of a specialised termite-eating spider (Araneae: Ammoxenidae) and its prey (Isoptera: Hodotermitidae). Pedobiologia 59: 105–110.


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SVOJANOVSKÁ, H., NGUYEN, P., HIRMAN, M., TUF, I.H., WAHAB, R.A., HADDAD, C.R. & ŠTÁHLAVSKÝ, F. 2016. Karyotype evolution in harvestmen of the suborder Cyphophthalmi (Opiliones). Cytogenetic and Genome Research 148: 227-236.

Area(s) of Interest

African Arachnology. Various aspects of arachnid systematics and ecology are studied. The main focus is on the systematics and ecology of Afrotropical corinnid sac spiders, particularly ant-mimics in the subfamily Castianeirinae. This is one of the most poorly studied spider families in the region, and generic revisions presently underway indicate that the total diversity of this group is likely to increase at least five-fold. 

Other research areas include studies of spider biodiversity in habitats in the Free State Province, agroecosystems, and various conservancies. Biodiversity and ecological work focuses on the spider diversity of the Ndumo Game Reserve in Maputaland, KwaZulu-Natal, where more than 500 species of spiders have been recorded so far. Work on the role of spiders as predators of various insect pests in crops, and of termites in grassland, also receives attention. Collaborative research includes studies on the impacts of pesticides on spiders in crops, spider biology, particularly of termitophagous and myrmecophagous spiders, and karyology of South African arachnids.

Courses Presented

ENTO2626 – Introductory insect physiology (Sole lecturer). 

ZLGY/ENTO6814 - Scientific techniques (Part).

ENTO6894 – Arachnology capita selecta (Sole lecturer).

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