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About Student Affairs

Student Affairs seeks to provide a socially just student-life environment that is conducive to student success, student wellbeing, the student experience, and student development in support of the University of the Free State academic project. The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) offers services and programs that help to enhance the student experience, with the goal of delivering DSA's key areas in support of the university's strategic objectives. 

About the Research Colloquium

The Research Colloquium strives to develop a student affairs research culture that is rooted in data-driven and evidence-based approaches. This colloquium aims to provide a safe and engaging environment for Student Affairs professionals to share their experiences, knowledge, research, and practices. The colloquium's primary objective is to delineate the uncertainties surrounding data collection, represent research findings above and beyond practitioner experiences, and provide a platform for staff to share gained experiences and practices. 

Research colloquium 2022

The 2022 Student Affairs Research Colloquium is themed "Student centeredness in a post-Covid-19 era."
There are four areas of focus:

1.     Student success

This area focuses on students' academic success and contributes toward closing the achievement gap. 

2.     Student Wellbeing

This area focuses on the holistic well-being of students and creating an environment that enables the biopsychosocial flourishing of students. 

3.     Student Experience

This area focuses on creating a culture of care and a sense of belonging for students on all three campuses with the aim of establishing a lifetime of interconnectedness between the university community and its graduates. 

4.     Student Development

This area focuses on developing graduates who are ethical transformational leaders in society. 

  • CWF60756
  • CWF60761
  • CWF60748
  • CWF60740
  • CWF60735
  • CWF60730
  • CWF60743
  • CWF60734
  • CWF60684
  • CWF60676
  • CWF60672
  • CWF60617
  • CWF60670
  • CWF60611
  • CWF60590
  • CWF60594
  • CWF60475
  • CWF60417
  • CWF60550
  • CWF60406
  • CWF60414
  • CWF60375
  • CWF60356
  • 9W7A1544
  • 9W7A1560
  • 9W7A1549
  • 9W7A1545
  • 9W7A1542
  • 9W7A1540
  • 9W7A1526
  • 9W7A1537
  • 9W7A1536
  • 9W7A1496
  • 9W7A1525
  • 9W7A1492
  • 9W7A1495
  • 9W7A1493
  • 9W7A1490
  • 9W7A1487
  • 9W7A1478
  • 9W7A1483
  • 9W7A1481
  • 9W7A1482
  • 9W7A1484
  • 9W7A1477

For any queries, contact:
Nomasonto Magagula
T: +2751 401 2663


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