Concept and purpose

The Office for Student Leadership Development provides a formal and institutionally integrated co-curriculum as well as research on graduate leadership development. The office, in partnership with faculties and other departments, design programmes that are delivered through student-life colleges and communities.

We strive to meet the capacity-building needs of student leaders and to develop their full potential. The office provides channels for student pathways and signature development, while creating opportunities to enter into leadership positions and to pursue career development. As a result, these programmes enhance the academic performance and social integration of students.

  • Integrated framework for programmes:

    The leadership development programmes are open to all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students and can be categorised under two overarching themes, namely Leadership Development Programmes and Leadership Training Programmes, each consisting of two pillars.

    1. Student Affairs A5 SLD Office Overview 2020 (PDF)
    2. Student Affairs A5 SLD Framework 2020 (PDF)
  • Leadership development programmes:
    • FutureLEAD: Essential/Critical Leadership Development
      The FutureLEAD Leadership Development Challenge (FLC) is a blended learning programme over four to six months, engaging students on Blackboard and in pane discussions on and around understanding and using leadership in various situations and environments (studies, personal, community, and career).

      Leadership Development Programmes - FutureLEAD 
    • AdvanceLEAD: Advanced/Specialised Leadership Development
      The Specialised Leadership Development Challenge entails selective leadership programmes aimed at high-achieving student leaders who show potential. They undergo advanced training and are channelled towards specialised programmes, e.g. the Activator First-Year Conference, the Global Leadership Summit (triennial GLS, hosted by the UFS), as well as participation in national and international leadership opportunities, e.g. conferences, summits, and seminars.

      Leadership Development Programmes - AdvanceLEAD 
  • Leadership training programmes:
    • KovsieLEAD: Student Governance Training
      Training of elected student governance structures and committees across campuses to be fully equipped and functional. This entails combined campus/structure programmes for e.g. student governance induction training and structure-specific training, including operational and portfolio-specific training, as well as inspirational sessions, e.g. SRC, associations and organisations’ EC training, RC training, faculty-council training, etc.

    • PurposeLEAD: Ad hoc/ Specific Training
      Purposeful training for specific situations/ institutional goals/ preparation/ mobilisation in support of students and governance structures’ specific needs, events and campaigns such as pre-election candidate training, accessibility and diversity training and a series of quarterly sessions on ‘What Students Should Know’, e.g. about protesting, human rights, gender-based violence, etc.

      Leadership Training Programmes

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