FutureLEAD: Essential/Critical Leadership Development

The FutureLEAD Leadership Development Challenge (FLC) is a co-curricular programme offered by the Office for Student Leadership Development (SLD), designed in partnership with the Unit for Institutional Change and Social Justice.

Utilising a blended learning format over a period of four to six months, the programme engages students on both Blackboard and in panel discussions on and around understanding and using leadership in various situations and environments (studies, personal, community, and career). It also includes online assessments per module.

The objectives of the programme

The FutureLEAD Challenge programme aims to assist students in

  • achieving the knowledge to develop and grow as future leaders, whether utilised in their personal life ambitions, their career ambitions, or in helping communities;
  • preparing interested students for student governance elections; and
  • acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values of leadership – a ‘soft skill’ highly valued by the corporate market.

A Certificate of Participation will acknowledge the student’s engagement over four months and will require completion of at least three of the four modules as follows:

  1. Engaging with the online content (reading material, watching presentations and videos on the subject matter)
  2. Watching the video of the expert panel discussion on the module theme
  3. Completing and passing the online assessments

The Certificate of Completion will provide proof that a student not only completed all the sessions over a period of four months, but that they also practically applied the learning over a period of six months. They will be required to

  1. complete all four modules as per the instructions above; and
  2. submit evidence of having engaged with and utilised the FLC learning through
    • a portfolio of evidence (evaluated by a panel of advisers) OR
  3. engaging in an online group discussion on the subject matter (monitored)

FLC Schedule 2020:

Module Date Activity Module Content Available Theme
FLC 1 2 - 6 Mar BB Online Session 1: Content Engagement 2/3 Design Thinking and Leadership in Problem-solving
7-10 Mar FLC 1 Panel Discussion: Watch Video 7/3
11-15 Mar FLC 1 Online Assessment: Complete Test 11/3
Deadline: 15/3
FLC 2 16-20 Mar BB Online Session 2: Content Engagement 16/3 Reflective Thinking and Personal Development
20-27 Mar FLC 2 Panel Discussion: Watch Video 20/3
30 Mar-3 Apr BB Online Assessment 2: Complete Test 30/3
Deadline: 3/4
FLC 3 6-12 Apr BB Online Session 3: Content Engagement 6/4 Positively Relating to Others
16-19 Apr FLC 3 Panel Discussion: Watch Video 16/4
20-24 Apr BB Online Assessment 3: Complete Test 20/4
Deadline: 24/4
FLC 4 4-8 May BB Online Session 4: Content Engagement 4/5 Technological Competence in Leadership
10-12 May FLC 4 Panel Discussion: Watch Video 10/5
13-17 May BB Online Assessment 4: Complete Test 13/5
Deadline: 17/5

Program access/ registration:

  • All first-years (Bloemfontein Campus) will receive an email from the FLC Blackboard Organisation by the end of February, which will provide direct access to the platform.
  • Any other interested students, please log on to Blackboard, follow the link: www.ufs.ac.za/futurelead AND REGISTER YOURSELF before 2 March 2020 to participate in the programme.
  • Please note that the programme will follow the same curriculum as for 2019; therefore, students who obtained the certificate in 2019 need not repeat it again this year.

We look forward to working with you to develop your potential and gain graduate attributes!

Student Affairs A5 FLC Overview 2020

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