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The UFS Theological Explorations series is an initiative of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of the Free State (UFS), situated in Bloemfontein, South Africa. History, both in South Africa and worldwide, has shown that solid academic research is vital for stimulating new insights and new developments, not only in order to achieve academic progress, but also to advance human flourishing. Through this academic series, the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the UFS hopes to make a contribution to worthy causes such as these. 

The university wishes the research conducted by its staff to be relevant and innovative within the South African context. In addition, the research should have international impact and visibility and should encourage national and international collaboration. The type of research published in this series is focused on achieving these goals. Accordingly, UFS Theological Explorations publishes only research that is of a high academic standard, has been thoroughly peer-reviewed and makes an important academic contribution to fundamental theological issues on both national and international levels. Furthermore, we maintain that good research should not only be aimed at creating significant new academic knowledge but should also be a deliberate attempt to include various and even opposing perspectives. Finally, we believe that it is especially important that research takes into account the social context within which we generate new knowledge. 

This series contains both monographs and collected works. In the case of the monographs, one or more researchers work on a particular topic and cover the subject matter extensively. In this way, the monographs make a significant contribution to original research. In the case of the collected works, a group of researchers from various theological disciplines work together on a particular topic. The collected works contribute new insights on the research question from different perspectives and thus advance scholarship collectively. 

The Editorial Board trusts that UFS Theological Explorations will have a positive and lasting impact on theological agendas all over the world! 

Prof Lodewyk Sutton 
Series Editor: UFS Theological Explorations
Send an email to SuttonL@ufs.ac.za

UFS TE VOLUME 1 Theology and the (post)apartheid condition. Genealogies and future direction. (Ed. R Venter)
UFS TE VOLUME 2 Making sense of Jesus. Experiences, interpretations and identities. (Eds. DF Tolmie and R Venter)
UFS TE VOLUME 3 Engaging the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Perspectives from theology, philosophy, and education. (Ed: JA van den Berg)
UFS TE Volume 4  Churches in the mirror. Developing contemporary ecclesiologies. (Ed. WJ Schoeman)


Academic Adviser
T: +27 51 401 2786
E: theology@ufs.ac.za

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