Poster Presentations


Potgieter, Kim

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univ

Rhenium complexes with multidentate nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands.

Saban, Waheed

Univ of the Western Cape

Ordered Mesoporous Carbon as a Graphitic Support for Platinum Nanoparticles

Schutte, Marietjie

Univ of the Free State

Kinetic study of the reactions of different Re(I) complexes.

Shago, Rebotsamang

Univ of the Free State

Synthesis and group electronegativity implications on the Spectroscopic and Electrochemical properties of multi-ferrocenyl meso-Substituted porphyrins

Shaibu, Rafiu

Univ of  Lagos, Nigeria

Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of Co(II) Schiff base complexes

Smith, Gregory

Univ of Cape Town

Multinuclear PGM Complexes: Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Activity.

Steyn, Maryke

Univ of the Free State

Preliminary Kinetic Study of the Formation Reactions of [Zr(ox)4]

Stringer, Tameryn

Univ of Cape Town

Mono-, Di- and Trinuclear Palladium Complexes of Thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity.

Theron, Tommie

Univ of the Free State

Dissolution and quantification of tantalum metal and various other Ta-containing compounds including Tantalite.

Traeger, Juliane

Univ of Potsdam, Germany

Complexation of Palladium(II) with Unsaturated Dithioethers.

Trzebiatowska-Gusowska, Monika

Wroclaw Univ of Technology, Poland

The cis-trans conformation change of N-methylglycine in ionic-molecular complexes induced by Cd/Ag substitution.

Tshabang, Never

Univ of Botswana

Four-Electron Alkyne Complexes of Mo(II) and W(II) with Poly(methimazolyl)borate Ligands.

Tshibangu, P.N.

Vaal Univ of Technology, Vanderbijlpark

Biodiesel Production Fom Red Palm Oil.

Van Aswegen, Werner

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univ

The Oxidizing behaviour of RuO4 in Acidic Medium

Van der Merwe, Kina

Univ of the Free State

Coordination chemistry of a series of diphosphonate metal complexes

Van der Westhuizen, Belinda

Univ of Pretoria

N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Low Valent Group VII Transition Metals

Van Jaarsveld, Nina

Univ of Pretoria

Synthesis and Characterization of a series of Trimetallic Complexes with σ,π-bridged Biscarbene Ligands.

Van Wyk, Pieter-Hugo

Univ of Stellenbosch

Speciation and characterization of [PtCl6-nBrn]2- (n = 0 – 6 ) complex anions utilizing RP-IP-HPLC-PDA.

Venter, Johan

Univ of the Free State

Characterisation and oxidative addition reactions of different rhodium and iridium triazole complexes.

Venter, Truidie

Univ of the Free State

N,O-bidentate ligands, [Rh(N,O-bid)(CO)2] complexes and their PPh3 derivatives.

Viljoen, Thinus

Univ of the Free State

Formation Kinetics of Tetrakis(8-quinolinolato-κ2-N,O)- hafnium(IV)

Von Eschwege, Karel

Univ of the Free State

Redox chemistry of Hg and Co dithizonate complexes:Structural evidence

Walmsley, Ryan

Rhodes Univ, Grahamstown

Polymer-anchored oxovanadium(IV) catalyst for the oxidation of thioanisole, styrene and ethylbenzene

Watkins, Gareth

Rhodes Univ, Grahamstown

A spectroscopic study of Cu(I) carbonyl compounds with Schiff bases: Substituted-{N-benzylidene-N’-[2-(benzyilidene-amino)-ethyl]-ethane-1,2-diamine}carbonylcopper(I) tetraphenylborate [Cu(CO){2,2N3(R-C6H4)2}]BPh4.

Yankey, Margaret

Univ of Johannesburg

Novel Pincer Imidazole-based Salicylaldimine Palladium Complexes as Catalysts for Heck Coupling Reaction.

Young, Cyril

Univ of the Free State

Square planar 2,2’-Bipyrimidine complexes of Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) as model catalysts

Yumata, Nonzaliseko

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univ

Oxidation of rhenium (III) in the presence of Schiff-bases

Zheng, Sipeng

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univ

Complexing Interactions With Tris(2,2’-Bipyridyl) Ruthenium (Ii)

Zulu, Nonkululeko

Univ of Fort Hare, Alice

Metal complexes of substituted thiourea: Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial studies

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