Research links - Newton Travel Grant 2019

Mr Beynon Abrahams was awarded a rearcher-link mobility, co-funded by the British Council (Newton Fund) and the University of the Free State. He visited Dr Kevin Lam and his research team at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom for a period of four weeks.

Personnel Research Activities 2017

Dr M Ferreira, Miss M du Toit, Mr M Muller, and Dr A Vorster completed a Level 1 ISAK Anthropometry accreditation course (5-7 May 2017). Dr M Ferreira was invited as presenter at a Clinical Investigator Certification course that was held from 09-13 October 2017 in Cape Town. Dr CO Larson attended a SAAHE congress in Potchefstroom and a SAAHE Central Branch symposium (03 May 2017). Drs A Vorster, C Larson and S van Zyl attended a Nutrition Symposium, Bloemfontein, South Africa (22 June 2017).  Ms PC Vorster visited the Stellenbosch University for research skills development purposes from 3-7 July 2017. Dr C Larson also acted as HSAG reviewer in 2017.

Dr. Annelize Vorster serves as UFS Faculty Advisor for IMPULSE since 2015. IMPULSE is the first undergraduate, international and inter-institutional journal for neuroscience publications, founded in 2003. The Free State IMPULSE site is one of 37 peer review sites worldwide that was established since 2010. Student research manuscripts are submitted and distributed from the Appalachian State University to Associate Editors and their student reviewers at institutions around the world, whom then participate in the peer reviewing process according to specific guidelines and standards

Various personnel members were involved in research-related activities during 2016 

Drs D Raubenheimer, A Vorster, A Mostert, AM Gerber, and Mr B Abrahams presented their research results at the 2016 Faculty Research Forum.  Dr D Raubenheimer received an award as senior winner of the educational poster category and Dr A Vorster was presented with the award for the Best Junior Clinical Poster Presentation at the 2016 Faculty Forum. Drs C Vorster, D Raubenheimer. A Mostert and Ms Ebersohn presented their research results at the 44th ASSA conference in 2016. Ms Reinette Ebersohn was appointed as the first runner-up of the Bob Symington Award at the ASSA conference. Dr A Mostert presented research results at the 5th Annual Free State Provincial Health Research Day, 27-28 October 2016. Mr B Abrahams and Ms M du Toit attended the Physiological Society of Southern Africa (PSSA) conference in Sept 2016. Ms M du Toit will serve as student representative on the board of the PSSA from 2017. Dr AM Gerber was elected on the Editorial Board for Austin Internal Medicine and acted as peer reviewer for the Journal of Hypertension and Management. Dr A Vorster once again acted as faculty advisor for an international undergraduate neurology journal (IMPULSE) in 2016. Dr M Ferreira was a presenter at a clinical investigator certification course and at good clinical practice courses presented during 2016. She also attended a Neuroscience Conference in Pretoria in 2016. Ms G Niemand was elected as SAAHE committee member (Portfolio Administration).

Dr S Gordon completed the HPEA7905 module and Dr A Mostert, Ms N Coetzee and M du Toit completed the HPER7905 module in 2016. Dr Annelize Vorster registered for the degree MMedSc (Physiology), Ms N Coetzee registered for the MMedSc (Anatomy) degree in 2016. Ms R Vorster completed the HPER module in 2016 and Ms R Vorster and Dr A Mostert registered for HPE degrees in 2016.  Various publications were published in 2016 or accepted for publication in 2017; authors include Ms R Ebersohn, Drs D Raubenheimer, S van Zyl, AM Gerber, A Vorster and M Mostert.

IMPULSE Team 2015

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Dr A Vorster acted as faculty advisor for an international undergraduate neurology journal (IMPULSE). Under her guidance a medical student, Pierre Kriek (Assistant Editor for IMPULSE), attended the Annual World Congress of the International Brain Research Organization in Rio de Janeiro from 7-11 July 2015.

Lipid Science Symposium 

The Lipid Science Group of South Africa in association with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics hosted a symposium on Lipid Science in Bloemfontein in 2015. Drrs S van Zyl, C Larson, A Vorster and Ms R Voster attended the symposium

 IMPULSE group 2014

Gerdien Kritzinger, a final year MBChB student at the UFS and deputy director of the IMPULSE UV group, presented a poster, 5-9 Julie 2014 in Milan, Italy.

 IMPULSE group 2012 - 2013

The IMPULSE UFS Review Team, comprising Dr S Smith (faculty advisor), as well as Phase II and III medical students, were present at two international congresses during 2012 as co-authors of poster presentations.  They attended the  international student congress in Gröningen, the Netherlands, from 5-8 June 2012, and also the annual SfN meeting/congress in New Orleans, USA, from 13-17 October 2012.

Two articles from the IMPULSE UFS Review Team were published and among other things, the team members’ visit to Washington DC (2011) is being reported on in the SAAHE newsletter (May 2012) and in the HEALTHSciNEWS newsletter of the Faculty of Health Sciences (May 2012).  

One of the members, Onthathile Serehete, was appointed this year as runner-up for the SRC Dux student at the UFS for 2014.

SANTRUST PhD Development Programme

Ms Correia will commence with her PhD (Anatomy) in 2014 and has been selected for the SANTRUST PhD development programme. Some of the sessions attended during 2013 by Ms Correia included idea formation, project management, literature review, research questions, research design, research methodologies, analysis of data, and composing and defending research proposal.

Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: SANTRUST

Two of the UFS IMPULSE Review Team members, medical students Inge Seale and Marizna Barkhuizen, attended the annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting and Conference in Washington DC from 10-16 November 2011. IMPULSE is an international, online neuroscience journal for undergraduate research and publications.

Submissions are reviewed by students worldwide under faculty guidance, and articles are immediately published online once they are accepted.

Dr Stephanie Smith, lecturer at the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, acted as faculty advisor and compiled the UFS IMPULSE Review Team in 2010, then consisting of four medical students. 

International research collaboration 2011

International epidemiology research studies, in cooperation with the Rijks University Gröningen, The Netherlands, were expanded and a new study launched in September 2012 after the necessary permission had been obtained from the relevant committees, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the UFS.

Mr Riaan Botes attended the ISOQOL Congress in Denver, USA, from 26-29 October 2011, followed by a visit to the Rijks University Gröningen, The Netherlands. He presented the poster entitled "Elderly capabilities in care and prevention of disease".

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Interdisciplinary research

Interdisciplinary research continued and research results of the AHA-FS group were appointed as senior winner and senior runner-up: clinical paper at the Faculty Forum of 25-26 August 2011. Dr Sanet van Zyl of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences delivered a presentation entitled "Risk-factor profiles for chronic diseases of lifestyle and metabolic syndrome in an urban and rural setting in South Africa" on behalf of the research group.

The group comprised S van Zyl, LJ van der Merwe, CM Walsh, CM van Rooyen and AJ Groenewald.

International research collaboration - visitors 2011
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Prof L Jones from the Appalachian State University, USA, and founder of the IMPULSE journal, visited the department in August 2011. During her visit, she met the department's lecturing and workshop personnel, visited the Jan Toerien Anatomy Museum, and met with Dr Stephanie Smith, faculty advisor, and students involved in the IMPULSE group. Here is Prof Jones with Johan Steyl.

Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: ECG

A new ECG machine was purchased for the practical laboratory during 2012.  The ECG machine is used during practical teaching and learning sessions of undergraduate students in the department and for research purposes.  

Drs A Mostert, S Smith, C Larson and Ms Yolani Benade are currently conducting the following research study:

“The ECG profiles of first and second year Anatomy and Physiology students in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, University of the Free State.”



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