Workshop news 2019

Forensic Workshops

The department again hosted the annual two-part workshop for second-year Forensic Science students in April and May of this year. During the first session, Ms Tshegofatso Ramphaleng guided students through basic human osteology, followed by a practical session with exciting challenges such as sketching bones and sorting different bones into labelled boxes. The second session, presented by Dr Petra Maass, gave students practical tips to dealing with bones in a forensic or archaeological context. The final practical session allowed students to apply their obtained skills in solving several “real” forensic anthropology cases through interpreting a crime scene and the evidence at the scene. Popularity of the workshop has grown so much that our departmental colleagues from anatomy and physiology – Dr Jenelle Govender, Ms Shivani Govender and Ms Shannal Pillay – also participated in this year’s workshop.

Ms Shannal Pillay helping students sort bones into boxes

Ms Tshegofatso Ramphaleng briefing students before “walking the grid”

Postgraduate student, Ms Luyanda Malangeni, helping students differentiate between human and animal bones

Dr Petra Maass explaining the use of excavation tools to students

Clinical Workshops

A postgraduate workshop was held on the 25th of November 2019 in preparation for the 2021 external evaluation of postgraduate programmes in Anatomy and Cell Morphology and Physiology.
In November 2018, the Department of Basic Medical Sciences along with specialists from the UFS Department of Otorhinolaryngology hosted the annual “temporal bone workshop”. This week-long course saw 15 participants work through a series of advanced surgical techniques using state of the art equipment under the guidance of both local and international experts.
Dissection hall facilities ready for the temporal bone workshop

The department also hosted the Teleflex EZ-IO (interosseous) workshop in August of this year. The workshop was used to demonstrate a new procedure for the administration of emergency fluid directly into the proximal humerus or anterior tibia of a patient. Over the two days, the technique was demonstrated to several groups of participants, including anaesthetists, ambulance workers and emergency care doctors from the Free State and Northern Cape.
Participants at the EZ-IO workshop awaiting demonstration of the technique

Workshop news 2018

Photo: Dissection hall undergraduate training


The dissection hall facilities were used for various undergraduate and clinical workshops in 2018. The Department Basic Medical Sciences hosted two undergraduate workshops during April and May 2018, introducing students from the UFS forensic science program to the role of forensic anthropologists both at the crime scene and in the laboratory. The first session, run by Ms Tshegofatso Ramphaleng, gave students an overview of the bones of the human body, how to differentiate these from animal remains at a scene, and a glimpse of what information the anthropologist may be able to derive from these skeletal remains. The second session, run by Dr Petra Maass, demonstrated the role of forensic archaeology and the legal procedures associated with it. Students were taken through the process of “walking the grid,” documenting the scene and interpreting unusual burial conditions.

The Anatomy workshop also provided embalmed specimens to various departments and companies for training workshops in 2018. Disciplines supported during 2018 included orthopaedics, anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecology and otorhinolaryngology. An uro-gynaecological master workshop took place during July, and very positive feedback was received from the company. The temporal bone course again took place during November 2018 and the facilities of the department were utilized. Smaller orthopaedic workshops took place throughout the year. Requests for intra-osseous and ankle replacement workshops were also received during 2018 and would most probably take place during 2019.

Clinical workshop-2
Photo: Clinical Otorhinolaryngology workshop presented in the department.

Photos taken during the “Anatomy of Bite Marks as Forensic Indicators” Workshop 2017

Bite workshop 1a

Bite workshop 2a

Workshop news 2017

The new dissection hall facility was used for clinical workshops (Neurosurgery workshop and Orthopaedic Surgery workshops), postgraduate teaching seminars and undergraduate workshops. A spinal workshop took place on 06 March 2017 and two knee replacement workshops on 11 August 2017 and 13 October 2017 respectively.

The department also hosted a short workshop, The Anatomy of Bite Marks as Forensic Indicators for third-year students from the UFS BSc Forensic Science programme, on 26 of September 2017, facilitated by Dr Sonja Brink and Dr Petra Maass. Using anatomical models and skeletal specimens, students were taught about the anatomical structures involved in mastication. This was followed by a series of demonstrations of how variation in dentition and bite force can be used in the forensic interpretation of bite marks, as well as how it may hamper such interpretations. The session was greatly enjoyed by the students – some of which have not been exposed to working with human remains before – and staff alike. We hope to expand this workshop in future years, continuing our successful collaboration with our forensics colleagues.

Photos taken during clinical workshops 2017

clinical workshop 4a

clinical workshop 5a

Workshop news 2016

Various workshops were hosted during 2016. This included, among others, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, cardiothoracic surgery and anaesthesiology workshops. The temporal bone workshop of the Department Otorhinolaryngology during November which included contributions from local and international experts once again received excellent feedback. The new dissection hall facility was used for clinical workshops and postgraduate teaching seminars and workshops. A new degreasing machine was also  purchased during 2016.  


 Workshop News 2015

The Facilities of the Department were used for an Otorhinolaryngology workshop in April 2015 and 7-10 October 2015, Cardiothoracic and Radiology workshop in May 2015 and a Cardiothoracic workshop 11 July 2015.

International experts were involved at the temporal bone workshop of the Department Otorhinolaryngology and workshops offered by the Department Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Good feedback was received after the sessions in respect of the facilities that the Department of Basic Medical Sciences offers for such workshops.

 Workshop News 2014

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences was fortunate to host several clinical workshops during the past year.

  • A knee replacement and shoulder arthroscopy workshop was presented by the Department of Orthopaedic surgery on 9-10 May, and
  • a thoracoscopy workshop was presented by the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery from 6-8 June 2014.
  • A heart sonar workshop (intra-operative echocardiography) was presented on 20 August 2014 by the Department of Anaesthesiology which appealed to both national and international specialists.
  • An ENT workshop, shoulder workshop  and a hip workshop was presented in November 2014.


 Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: Workshop 2014-a    Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: Workshop 2014-b    Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: Workshop 2014-c

 Workshop News 2013

Various workshops took place during 2013. These included orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, cardiothoracic surgery, anaesthesiology and physiotherapy workshops. Workshops that deserve special mention are the Temporal Bone workshop of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, the Heart Sonar workshops of the Department of Anaesthesiology and the Heart Surgery workshops of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery. International experts were involved in all the above workshops. Good feedback was received after the sessions in respect of the facilities that the Department of Basic Medical Sciences offers for such workshops. 

Mr Johan Steyl, senior lecturer in anatomy, again acted as technical advisor for the workshop in 2013, and still performs this task with great distinction. His subject knowledge and experience is of immeasurable value. His input was of great value in especially the oesophageal heart sonar workshop that was presented (in cooperation with a specialist anaesthesiologist).

Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: Workshop
Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: Workshop

Description: Basic Medical Sciences Keywords: Workshop


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