ICT Delivery, Operations ICT Delivery, and Operations are the true customer-facing edge of ICT. Products and services delivered from this base represents the full scope of ICT services across the UFS domain.


Reginald Hiscock
+27 51 401 2528
Enterprise Resource Planning Development (ERP)

What we do:

  • Configure ERP System to fulfil the business need.
  • Acquire ERP modules systems as deem necessary by business
  • Advise on the correct use of ERP Systems


Willem Botha
+27 51 401 2803
Services and Financial Management (SFM)

What we do:

  • ICT Service Management 
  • ICT procurement 
  • Financial Compliance Management 
  • End-user Computing 
  • Learning Spaces 
  • Audio-Visual



Louis Marais
+27 51 401 2814
Systems, Platforms and Networks (SPN)

What we do:

  • Server and Storage infrastructure
  • Security system infrastructure
  • Multi-user or network enabled business software platforms (This does not include desktop applications)
  • Database Platforms
  • Networks and Telephony



Michael Van Rooyen
+27 51 401 2645

Enterprise Data and Content Management (EDCM) 

What we do:

  • Deploy and maintain Data Technologies for the UFS
  • Develop web application for which commercial applications does not exist or exceeds the budget limits.
  • Manage document management technologies for UFS. 
  • Design, implement and maintain CRM.
  • Configure Applications according to specifications and best practices set by the vendor.



Chris Linstrom
+27 51 401 2675

Technology, Innovation, and eResearch (TIER)

What we do:

  • Integration: - all EA sectors
  • ARB administration
  • Academic Computing
  • ICT BCP management
  • ICT DR management
  • ICT Building and Facilities management
  • ICT Health and Safety Management
  • HPC Management
  • Physical Security Management 
  • Configuration Management Database


ICT Specialist Services and Governance

ICT Specialist Services are highly complex and/or specialised skills sets required to run and enable ICT across delivery functions.

Nico Bekker
+27 51 401 3076

Strategic, Project, and Change Management (SPCM) 

What we do:

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Assignment Coordination
  • Strategic Programme and Model Management
  • Operational Management of the Office of the CIO


Kate Smit
+27 51 401 2344

Risk and Quality Management (RQM)

What we do:

  • ICT Risk Management
  • ICT Quality Management
  • ICT Reporting 
  • Integrated Partnership Program (IPP) Management 
  • ICT Process Management



 Ernst Du Plooy
+27 51 401 2522

Information Security, Governance, and Compliance (ISGC)

What we do:

To make sure all our data and information is safe, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Confidentiality: all information, is not for all eyes
  • Integrity: information is only valuable, if it is correct
  • Availability: you can only use information, if it is available
  • Regulatory compliance: we adhere to the data protection laws



Jacobus Kotze
+27 51 401 2438
Business Alignment and Integration (BAI)

What we do:

  • Bridging the Gap Between ICT and Operations
  • Application Life Cycle Management
  • Solution Architecture and alignment