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Our purpose is simple: to empower high-impact institutional action research. The University already possesses a wealth of institutional data, and our role is to maximize its potential. We drive processes that extract the greatest benefits from our research initiatives and the university's research capabilities.

Operating on a project basis, we harness essential strengths both within and beyond the university to address vital institutional priorities. Our mission is to convert data into meaningful actions, instigating positive transformations within our institution and the broader community. Come join us on this journey as we transform knowledge into practical solutions and shape a brighter future for our university community

A Historical Context

The roots of the Office for Institutional Change can be traced back to a visionary mission—to advance social justice within the University through democratic and participatory practices. At its core, the Office aimed to champion institutional change by harnessing high-impact practices, innovative research, and advocacy.

Aligning with the University Vision

From its inception, the Office's trajectory was aligned with the University of the Free State’s (UFS) strategic plan and the Integrated Transformation Plan, which served as a crucial tool for implementing the broader strategic vision. The mandate was finely carved to uphold the values of excellence, diversity, and inclusivity.

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The mandate of the Office for Institutional Change, carved out from the Unit’s mandate, was to:

  • Promote, locate and drive institutional change and social justice through praxes that are operationalized by values of excellence, diversity and inclusivity.
  • Provide institutional support with regard to institutional change as required by the Rectorate and other governance structures.
  • Initiate and oversee collaborations with relevant stakeholders to engage institutional plans, reporting and implementation as specialist interventions from a transformation perspective (fairness, justice, anti-discrimination).
  • Establish, as may be necessary, mechanisms for meaningful engagement with key stakeholders.
  • Initiate and coordinate research projects relevant to institutional change needs with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Promote an institutional culture of human dignity, aligned with principles of social justice, social cohesion, social capital and social inclusion. 
  • Represent the UFS on national, regional, and international structures as may be required to realize the vision of the UFS.
  • Participate in academic citizenship through teaching and learning and institutional service.

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T:+27 51 401 9587

E: UICSJ@ufs.ac.za

DF Malherbe House, Graduandi Lane, University of the Free State

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