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Cancellation of studies

Minimum Cost Charges in Case of Discontinuation of Studies  (Refer to Fees Yearbook)                                                                                                                                        
If a student cancels all his/her courses before 15 February, he/she will be held liable for the minimum cost charges.

Cancellation/discontinuation of studies 

Notice of discontinuation can be given as follows:

  • Students may cancel/discontinue modules themselves on the PeopleSoft self-service page throughout the year of registration.

    - PeopleSoft self-service
  • A notice of discontinuation of academic registration can be submitted to the administrative faculty officer concerned in the George du Toit Administration Building after registration and throughout the year.
  • A student who has already left the University must send the notice by registered post to:

The Senior Director: Student Academic Services
PO Box 339


  • The date on which the notice is handed in/ received by the University will be considered the date of notification for the purposes of calculating the amount due.

  • Oral cancellations or cancellations received by fax/telephone/e-mail will not be accepted.          

The due dates for cancellation in order to qualify for credit with regard to module fees are as follows:

First-semester modules:

  • Cancellation before 15 February: full credit will be granted for all the cancelled modules. 
  • Cancellation after 15 February: no credit will be granted for first-semester module fees.

Second-semester modules:

  • Cancellation of modules before 15 August.: full credit will be granted for all the cancelled modules.
  • Cancellation after 15 August: no credit will be granted for second-semester modules.

Year modules:

  • Cancellation after 15 February, but before 15 August: 50% credit will be granted for year-module fees.
  • Cancellation after 15 August: no credit will be granted.
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