The UFS’ Human Resources department is responsible for building an atmosphere that promotes diversity and inclusivity, while simultaneously promoting innovation and excellent performance. The Organisational Development and Employee Well-Being team supports this goal at every stage of the employee life cycle by providing assistance in the areas of talent, engagement, well-being and the overall employee experience.

In addition to achieving the UFS Vision, we move towards:

Co-creating a positive, inclusive, and prosperous environment for everyone by focusing on holistic organisational development, well-being and performance

When employees have a high sense of well-being and a positive employee experience, they are better able to portray the most authentic and truthful version of themselves to the University and are in a better personal and professional position to fulfill their commitment to the university. The Organisational Development and Employee Well-Being team, strives to assist our workforce in achieving personal and professional well-being goals in the areas of psychological, financial, occupational, social and physical well-being. One method to do so is to provide our employees with opportunities to participate in different initiatives that address these challenges and encourage them to perform to their optimal potential.

We do this through living out the following values:

  1. Authentic connection and care: We strive to make a sustainable difference in all the lives we touch;
  2. Realistic guidance: We provide guidance to others through research driven diagnostic tools and interventions.
  3. Pathfinding: We provide sustainable strategic solutions through our focus on the future.
  4. Drive for excellence: We deliver outcomes with high quality and persistence.

Our Mission

We aspire to make a sustainable difference and impact in the lives of every UFS employee by cultivating the whole individual, team and organisational development, highlighting the importance of well-being, conducting fit-for-purpose diagnostics, and promoting and supporting individual growth and performance

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