Built - Lego Bricks

Build your Well-Being Brick by Brick

LEGO Challenge

Get ready to take on a challenge that will take your personal and professional life to the next level! Our division's theme for this year is "Building your wellbeing brick by brick." We are excited to inspire and motivate you to take responsibility for your well-being and equip you with the tools to achieve optimal well-being in all aspects of your life.

The "Building your well-being brick by brick" challenge is all about focusing on the five dimensions of well-being. We have represented each dimension with digital Lego bricks and challenge you to participate in at least one activity for each dimension. As you complete each activity, you will earn a digital Lego brick, and once you've earned all five, you'll receive a reward for successfully completing the challenge.

This challenge is not just about earning rewards, it's about investing in yourself and striving for a more successful and meaningful life. By participating in activities that focus on

  • Unlocking your potential (Occupational Well-being),
  • Building sustainable wealth (Financial Well-being),
  • Creating healthy habits (Physical well-being),
  • Building healthy relationships (Social well-being),
  • Be aware and taking care (Psychological well-being),

So, are you ready to take on the "Building your well-being brick by brick" challenge? Let us get started on this exciting journey towards a better you!

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