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Prof Lochner Marais
Centre for Development Support
Centre for Development Support
IB 100
Flippie Groenewoud Building: Block E 363

Short CV

Lochner Marais is a Professor of Development Studies at the Centre for Development Support at the University of the Free State (UFS). He is also an honorary professor at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (University of Queensland, Australia). He serves on the editorial board of Habitat International and serves on the advisory boards for Housing Studies, International Journal of Housing Policy and Housing and the Built Environment. His research interests include housing policy, small cities and towns (mining and renewable towns and cities) and public health focusing on children. In addition to concentrating on these themes separately, he focuses on integrating them. He has also co-edited nine books and his monograph "The social impacts of mine closure in South Africa" (published by Routledge) has appeared in 2023. He is also the executive editor of the newly established journal of Cambridge University Press: Research Directions: Mine Closure and Transitions. Over the past ten years, he has been a collaborator, principal investigator or co-principal investigator for international research grants of approximately R40 million. He is passionate about creating and managing interdisciplinary projects and prefers research focusing on real-world problems in housing policy, mine-community relations, mine closure and urban health. The main contribution of his work has been to improve the understanding of the social consequences of mine closure, mining’s role in creating place attachment and the relationship between mine closure and social disruption. He has also been the first researcher to link mine closure and social disruption.





Publications (Short List)


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