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Prof Lynette Jacobs
Associate Professor
International Office
Theology Building 208

Short CV

Highest Qualification: PhD


Thought pieces 

Wimpenny, K, Hagenmeier, C, Jacobs, L & Beelen, J.  Decolonisation through inclusive virtual collaboration. University World News. Africa Edition (21 January 2021). 

Hagenmeier, C; Witthuhn, C; Jooste, N & Jacobs, L. 2020. Quo vadis internationalisation in Southern Africa? University World News (26 September 2020).  
(Also appeared in the Mail & Guardian of 17 September 2020 under the heading The wicked challenge of rethinking internationalisation in Southern Africa

Publications (Short List)

2024 publications

Wimpenny, K; Jacobs, L. et al., 2024. Connectedness and communal thinking in a virtual borderland: Flourishing against the Normative, In In Christina Hughes, Carol A. Taylor, Michelle Salazar Pérez, and Jasmine B. Ulmer, (Eds) Routledge International Handbook of Research and Methods in Transdisciplinary Feminism,  (pp. 273-284). London: Routledge (In press)

2023 publications 

Haug, E & Jacobs, L.  2023. “The design of collaborative online internationalised learning (COIL)”. In Hunter, F., Ammigan, R., de Wit, H., Gregersen-Hermans, J., Jones, E., and Murphy, A.C. (Eds.) Internationalisation in higher education: Responding to new opportunities and challenges. Ten years of research by the Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI). (pp. 143-156). Milano: EDUCatt.  

Howard, B., Ilyashenko, N., & Jacobs, L. 2023. Cross-cultural collaboration through virtual teaming in higher education. Perspectives in Education, 41(1), 74-87.

Oosthuysen, N, Jacobs, L & Wolhuter, C. 2023. Scoping Open and Distance Higher Education Scholarship.  Does distance education in the developing context need more research? Building practice into theory, Vol 2 (pp. 75-94). Pretoria: ESI Publishers

2022 publications

Jacobs, L; Kruger, E. & Madiope, M.  2022.  “The potential of African diaspora academics and diaspora academics in Africa in reshaping international higher education” In Deborah Lock, Andrea Caputo, Paul Igwe, Dieu Hack-Polay (Eds) Borderlands: The Internationalisation Of Higher Education Teaching Practices, Springer (pp. 31-43) 

Wimpenny, K; KR Finardi, K.R.; Orsini-Jones, M; & Jacobs, L. 2022. Knowing, Being, Relating and Expressing Through Third Space Global South-North COIL: Digital Inclusion and Equity in International Higher Education. Journal of Studies in International Education. 26(2):279-296. 

Wolhuter, C,C & Jacobs, L.  2022. The COVID-19 Pandemic as Potential Catalyst for Comparative and International Education. In Wiseman, A.W. (Ed.) Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2021 (International Perspectives on Education and Society, Vol. 42B), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 3-24.  

George, V; Jacobs, L & Hodges, M.  2022. Virtual Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity Development in Higher Education Projects: Lessons for the Future. In N Popov, C Wolhuter, L de Beer, G Hilton, J Ogunleye, E Achinewhu-Nworgu & E Niemczyk (Eds), Towards the Next Epoch of Education, BCES Conference Books, 20:25-31.  

2021 publications 

Wolhuter, C.C. & Jacobs, L.  2021.  COVID-19, the global education project and technology: disrupting priorities towards rethinking education.  Research in Social Sciences and Technology,  6(2): 96-109.

Jacobs, L. et al.  2021.  Adapting a capacity-development-in-higher-education project: doing, being and becoming virtual collaboration.  Perspectives in Education, 39(1):353–371. 

Jacobs, L. & Mitchell, LM.  2021.  What was in the news?  Conversations on Internationalisation of Higher Education in University World News in 2020.  In N Popov, C Wolhuter, L de Beer, G Hilton, J Ogunleye, E Achinewhu-Nworgu & E Niemczyk (Ed), BCES Conference Books, 19:23-29. 

Wolhuter, C.C. & Jacobs, L. 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic: Streamlining or capsizing the global higher education revolution. Perspectives in Education, 29(1):298-303

Larey, P.; le Roux, A. & Jacobs, L.  2021. Evoking edupreneurial leadership towards social justice among historically disadvantaged communities, International Journal of Leadership in Education {online},

Potgieter, E; Jacobs, L & De Wet, C. 2021. Ontgroening in skole: `n ondersoek na gewilde diskoerse. [Initiation in schools: a investigation of the popular discourses] LitNet Akademies,



My work is grounded in Comparative and International Education.  I focus on access to, and inclusion in, education opportunities at different levels, and on the barriers that obstruct access and inclusion. My current interest within this broader theme, is on inclusive internationalisation in higher education.

Area(s) of Interest

Comparative and International Education

Internationalisation of Higher Education

Inclusive Education Opportunities

Courses Presented

Community Service

Service Learning

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