What does Protection Services do?

The main objective of Protection Services is to protect you and the campus. They are available 24 hours a day. The following measures have been put in place to make the campuses safer. New initiatives are continually being sought and implemented.

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Bloemfontein Campus

Because all its facilities are situated on the premises, the Bloemfontein Campus is still considered as one of the safer university campuses in the country.

  • Surveillance cameras allow security staff to view images from around the campus.
  • Red poles with panic buttons are installed across the campus – press the button if you feel unsafe.
  • Security personnel patrol buildings and walkways 24 hours a day in vehicles and on foot.
  • Security officers are present in large parking areas, the UFS Sasol Library, and the Thakaneng Bridge student centre.
  • Cars are stopped and searched regularly at the entrance gates.
  • A close working relationship exists between Protection Services and the SAPS to combat car theft.
  • Ask security personnel to accompany you to class or your car if you don’t feel safe.
Qwaqwa Campus

Upgrading security on the Qwaqwa Campus includes the addition of access control at gates and security patrols throughout the campus, 24 hours a day.

The Qwaqwa Campus is monitored from the Bloemfontein Campus control room using an IP address and – as is the case on the Bloemfontein Campus – red poles fitted with panic buttons have been installed.

The campus has a student safety committee who, together with Protection Services, engages with community policing forums on crimes committed in the area.

South Campus

Access control at gates has been introduced and security personnel are patrolling buildings and walkways.