Dr Jeanette Buys
Operations Manager Gr 1
Office of the Dean: Health Sciences
GN E410
051 4017780

Short CV

Personal Information

Post School Education:
1977 - B. Sc. (Computer Science, Mathematical Statistics) U.O.F.S.
1979 - B.Sc Hon (Computer Science), U.O.F.S.
1981 - M.Sc (Computer Science), U.O.F.S.
1992 - Ph.D. (Computer Science), U.O.F.S. (Triangular Irregular Meshes and their Application in the Graphical Representation of Geohydrological Data.)

Occupational Experience

Planning and coordination of general computer related issues. 

System Analyst at the Faculty of Health Sciences since July 1996.

  • Clinical Personnel and Departmental assistance:

    Database design - Planning and Designing of databases for departments, research projects, faculty management.

System design - Managing and coordinating the Clinical Module of the Hospital Patient Information system. Assist in the construction and planning of departments clinical modules. Departmental module training. Management of Clinical user access.

Data Analysis - Designing programs for data extraction from databases and the hospital information system.

  • Network/Server management:

    Management of the network infrastructure. Management of the faculty server, user access and security on a 350 user Novell 4.1server. User assistance and user network training. Maintaining electronic communication and network resource management. Coordination and error tracking of primary errors on the server, network and hospital information system. 
  • WWW:

Coordinating and management of the facultys world wide web pages. Training of departmental web designers. Designing and maintaining of the facultys main pages. 

  • Training

User training for network facilities, computer software, databases and clinical users of the hospital information system and clinical module.

System Analyst at the Institute for Groundwater Studies, U.O.F.S. from Jan. 1987 to June 1996:  

During this period I have developed several scientific programs used for groundwater analysis at the I.G.S in both C and FORTRAN for DOS and UNIX machines. I have also developed Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for several programs, using the OPEN LOOK tool-kit on a SUN workstation. I have transferred several programs form PCs to a Sun workstation, a CONVEX and a IBM Risc 6000. I have compiled and used 3 Dimensional Graphics programs on a Sun Spark station 2. Currently I am creating the Graphical user Interface for a combined Visual C++ and Fortran 90 program on modeling and managing Groundwater Resources.

  • Network Administrator:

I have obtained a Novell Education Certificate for NETWARE 4.0 Administration and I am network Administrator on a Novel Network 4.0 server, for 50 users .

  • Project Manager and Research:

I have been project manager on the following projects for the Water Research Commission: "Triangular Irregular Meshes and their Application in the Representation of Geohydrological Data." and "Conversion of the Software Packages TRICON and BAYES from Personal Computers to Machines using the UNIX operating System." The GUIs for these two programs was written for the OPEN Windows system on a SUN Spark, using the OPEN LOOK toolkit. I have been co-researcher on the following projects for the Water Research Commission: "Modeling Ground-water Contamination in the Atlantis Aquifer" and "The Analysis and Interpretation of Aquifer Tests in Secondary Aquifers.". The last project is still in progress.

Lecturer at the U.O.F.S., Department of Computer Science from 1978 to 1986:

During this period I lectured several Computer Science courses, to both pre-graduate and post-graduate students, in the following subjects: Data structures, Compiler Construction (pre- and post-graduate), Analysis of Computer Algorithms (post-graduate), Information systems (pre- and post-graduate), Introduction to Computers, Fundamental Concepts of programming systems, Assembler programming on a NOVA Microcomputer, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL1 and BASIC programming, Teleprocessing, Computer Graphics. During 1980 I followed a course on Tertiary Education at the Burro for Tertiary Education, OUFS.


Buys,J., Messerschmidt,H.J. and Botha,J.F. "Coping with Degeneracy in the Computation of Dirichlet Tessellations." SACJ/SART, 2, p. 17-21, (1990)

Buys,J., Messerschmidt,H.J. and Botha,J.F. "Including known discontinuities directly into a Triangular Irregular Mesh for Automatic Contouring Purposes". Computers and Geosciences, p875-881, 17(7), (1991).

Contributions to Conferences

VIII International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Research

During June 1990 I have presented a paper "Triangular Finite Element Meshes and their Application in Ground-water Research" at the VIII International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Research in Venezia, Italy. The following papers was published on the subject.

Buys,J., Botha,J.F. and Messerschmidt,H.J. "Triangular Finite Element Meshes and their Application in Ground-water Research." In: Computational Methods in Subsurface Hydrology, G.Gambolati et al (Eds), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, p.115-122, (1990)

The following paper was published in the proceedings of the X-th International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Research in Heidelberg, Germany:

Buys,J., Botha,J.F., Verwey,J.P., Van der Voort,I. "Preprocessors for the Simulation of Groundwater Flow Phenomena with the Finite Element Method." In: Computational Methods in Water Resources X, Volume 1, A.Peters et al (Eds), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, p11-18, (1994)

MUSE SA Medical users Software Exchange

During September 2000 I have presented two papers at the MuseSa National Conference 2000 on "Utilizing the Admissions module and NPR for Data Collection on Newborns" and "Functionality of the Departmental Module as being Implemented at the Universitas Hospital".

MIX meditech information eXchange, South Africe 2003 - MAGIC with Menus

MIX meditech information eXchange, South Africe 2004 – added Value to Student Training, Clinical Research and Clinical Management

Technical Reports brought out for the Water Research Commission:

Botha,J.F., Tredoux,G., Verwey,J.P., Moodie,J.W., Buys,J., Hodgkiss,M. "Modelling Ground-water Contamination in the Atlantis Aquifer", WRC Report No 175/1/90.

Buys,J., Botha,J.F., Messerschmidt,H.J. "Triangular Irregular Meshes and their Application in the Representation of Geohydrological Data." Volume 2, WRC Report No 271/2/92.

Verwey,J.P., Botha,J.F., Buys,J. "The Analysis and Interpretation of Aquifer Tests in Secondary Aquifers. ".Progress Report 1994

Meyer,R. et. al., CSIR and Verwey,J.P., Botha,J.F., Buys,J, IGS, UOFS. "Geohydrological Investigation and Evaluation of the Zululand Coastal Aquifer", CSIR report No. EMAP-C-93045, August 1993.

Software enginering:

The program TRICON was developed as a result of the studies (Freeware)


Area(s) of Interest

Computer system design
Webpage Design
Database Design
Meditech NPR design
MS Access Database development
Novell Server Administration



Central Information Office
T: +27 51 401 3739
F: +27 86 579 5154

E: StudentAdminFHS@ufs.ac.za

Student Administration
Faculty Administration

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