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The aim of Student Academic Support is to contribute to the academic success of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Health Sciences (School of Clinical Medicine, School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Pathology, School of Allied Health Professions, School of Nursing) and is achieved by designing and implementing programmes and strategies to support and develop students.  The support is provided by a qualified educationalist that are committed to helping students grow into well-rounded health-care practitioners.

Services for students
  • Generic support – making information about other support services available to students and referring them to these services, such as among others Kovsie Counselling and Development (KCD), Frik Scott Library, Student Portal.
  • Academic Student Tutorial Excellence Programme (A-STEP)
  • Individual consultations with students on a drop-in basis during office hours.
  • Individual consultations with students per appointment during office hours.
  • Group consultations with students on particular topics, as requested.
  • Programme for the development of Personal, Academic and Social Skills (PASS)
  • Coordinating learning sessions, support initiatives and skills development programmes
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Personal and social services

Mentoring programmes and other forms of support in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FoHS)

Mentoring programmes and other forms of support are available in the three schools namely, School for Allied Health Professions (SAHP), School of Nursing (SoN) and School of Clinical Medicine (SoCM) of the FoHS; providing personal, academic and social support (PASS) for students. This serves to develop their own supportive networks and assists them to counter act the problems of adjusting to a demanding academia, emotions and social relations. Thus, the faculty provides an educational environment that has mentoring programmes with general support in:

  • Providing individual social assistance and guidance to first-year students by well-trained and responsible senior students or programme coordinators within the FoHS.
  • Giving mentees the opportunity to discuss problems and complaints of a personal nature with mentors, who play the role of a confidant
  • Giving mentees the opportunity to grow academically, professionally and personally by means of support, assistance, guidance, example and personal influence of mentors
  • Promoting communication between mentees and the faculty, by enabling them to discuss their complaints, problems, objections and criticism regarding the faculty with their mentors and the programme coordinator
  • Facilitating the early identification of mentees who need development and remedial aid on academic, professional and personal level, and to obtain the assistance of the
  • Division Student Learning and Development in this regard
  • Monitoring mentees progress in a personal and non-threatening manner
  • Giving mentees group support by means of mentor group discussions

Personal and social services

The aim of this focus area is to support students who have personal and social challenges by assisting them to access necessary resources that can help them to overcome any obstacles that may hinder their academic performance.
In their journey, social workers learn that wherever there are human beings, personal and social problems will exist. When these are not attended to, they hinder the achievement of goals, dreams and daily functioning.
The social worker is registered with the South African Council of Social Services Profession (SACSSP).
The services of the social worker are guided by the principles, standards and ethics of SACSSP as well as the vision, mission and values of the Division Student Learning and Development.

Personal and social support mechanisms
  • Individual short-term counselling
  • Individual therapeutic sessions
  • Group work
  • Risk and psychosocial assessments
  • Liaison and referrals to relevant stake holders
  • Case monitoring.

Referrals are accepted from all relevant stake holders, however self-referrals are also accepted.
All bookings are made at the Division’s Secretary Office: Dr MP JamaC Bester.

Student Academic Development

The aim of the focus area is to promote a culture of relevant education in the FHS by infusing generic skills such as among others, communication technologies, group/teamwork and learning, time management and study skills and reflective practice in teaching and learning activities.

Academic development mechanisms

Development and Support mechanisms


Central Information Office
T: +27 51 401 3739
F: +27 86 579 5154


Student Administration
Faculty Administration

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