Our Vision and Mission

DHSE Vision

Striving for excellence in healthcare and scholarship by growing innovative, adaptable healthcare educators through evidence-based practices

DHSE Mission

Achieving impact through commitment

Our Values

DHSE Values

  • Care
  • Accountability
  • Inclusivity
  • Creativity
Our Principles

DHSE principles

  • We promote care through respecting dignity and encouraging holistic wellbeing of all
  • We demonstrate accountability by adhering to social justice, transparency, integrity and sustainability
  • We encourage inclusivity by embracing diversity and increasing accessibility
  • We inspire creativity through innovation and adaptability
  • We foster professionalism through constructive, collaborative communication and scholarly community engagement


Division Health Sciences Education

The Division Health Sciences Education in the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences straddles the worlds of healthcare and education. This field developed internationally in response to the demand for optimal training of healthcare professionals to deliver quality care. Although healthcare professionals are trained to be experts in their chosen professions, they need training in applying educational philosophy, principles, and practices (pedagogy) in healthcare contexts. 

The Division Health Sciences Education at the UFS has the following focus areas, DHSE Brochure:

  1. Research in Health Professions Education (HPE)
    Continuous change and development in both healthcare and education require relevant, ethical, and transformative research to provide evidence for developing theory and pioneering practices in health sciences education
  1. Postgraduate qualifications in HPE
    Postgraduate Diploma, Master's, and PhD programmes offered by the Division Health Sciences Education provide pathways for healthcare professionals to obtain educational qualifications and grow the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Health Professions. The content covers various topics, including curriculum design and delivery, teaching, learning and assessment practices, quality assurance and educational management, research, and professional skills.
  1. Faculty development
    Academic staff responsible for training the next generation of healthcare professionals need support to remain responsive to the changing healthcare needs of society, numerous stakeholders (including patients and regulators), and the higher education and service delivery environments. Faculty development initiatives focus on developing research, educational, and leadership expertise and emphasize innovative educational approaches.
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Central Information Office
T: +27 51 401 3739
F: +27 86 579 5154


Student Administration
Faculty Administration

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