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Short CV

Abbreviated CV:  Johan Diedericks


Full Name:                   Bart Johannes Stephanus Diedericks

Professional Name:     Johan Diedericks


Birth:                           29 November 1952

Address:                      PO Box 27971



                                    South Africa

Affiliation:                   Professor and Head, Department Anaesthesiology, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa



Positions held:  SA College of Anaesthetists Current President & Senator,  South African Society of Anaesthesiologists Councillor & President, EX-Chairperson World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiology (WFSA) Committee for Trauma, Resuscitation & Intensive care, Ex-member South African Medical & Dental Professions Board, Advidory Boards of pharmaceutical companies.


Clinical Interest:  Paediatric & paediatric cardiac anaesthesia.  Teaching clinical anaesthesia & research


Other interest:  Improving anaesthesia in the developing world.


Publications:  55 peer reviewed articles & abstracts, several chapters, >90 other publications


Speaker:  Regular speaker at National and International Meetings.


Editorial work:  Sub-editor SAJAA (Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia), Internet J Anesth,  Review for several journals, including Pediatric Anesthesia, SAMJ, The CardioVascular Journal of Africa


Please find more detail in Research Gate and Google Scholar

Peer reviewed PAPERS



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    2009:  Kry inligting



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    1989 -1990:

  • 18Diedericks J, Leone BJ, Foëx P:Regional differences in left ventricular wall motion in the anaesthetised dog.Anaesthesiology 70: 82-90, 1989.
  • 19Diedericks J, Leone BJ, Philbin DM, Foëx P:Effectof verapamil on canine left ventricular function in the presence of fentanyl when apical blood flow is critically limited.Br J Anaesth 63(4): 458-464, 1989.


    1973 - 1990:

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    1988 -1989:

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  • 29De Wet EH, Diedericks BJS, Hugo JM en De Wet JJ:Bepaling van mannekragaanwending en opleidingsbehoeftes ten opsigte van narkosetoediening in die OVS.Die SA Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie,Jaargang 7 No 3, 1988, 160 (Nav b)(letter)(Manpower an training requirements for Anaesthesia in the Free State.)



Area(s) of Expertise

  • Pediatriese narkose
  • Pediatriese kongenitale hartnarkose
  • Kardiale narkose
  • Kurrikulum ontwikkeling
  • Kliniese Praktykevaluasie
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