Week 1 (5 August 2016)

  • How to log into the Sitefinity backend
  • How to correctly log out of the system
  • How to reset/change your password
  • Navigating to your site
  • Unlocking a page

Week 2 (12 August 2016)

  • Accessing the home page
  • Creating a navigation category (group page)
  • Creating navigation items (child pages)
  • Adding a page template / page layout to a page
  • Adding content to a page
  • How to add or set the left navigation of a page

Week 3 (19 August 2016)

  • Accessing the resource libraries
  • Preparing a resource by
    • converting a word document to PDF
    • converting an image to JPG
    • resizing a JPG image
  • Creating a document/image library
  • Editing a document/image library
  • Uploading a document to the document library
  • Uploading an image to the image library
  • Searching for a resource in the library
  • Deleting a resource
 Week 4 (24 August 2016)

  • Inserting headings to a content page
  • Adding resources to a page, such as:
    • Inserting a page heading
    • Inserting a heading (h4, h5, h6) in a page to emphasise a section of text on a page
    • Inserting and resizing an image
    • Linking to a PDF document
    • Linking to an existing navigation item
    • Linking to an external URL address (such as https://www.google.com/)
 Week 5 (2 September 2016)

  • Deleting published pages
  • Replacing a PDF document in a link
  • Removing a link in a page
  • Updating the sequence of categories and items
  • What are Adhoc pages or Unlisted pages
    • How to access adhoc pages
    • How to add an adhoc group
    • How to edit an adhoc group
    • How to add an adhoc page
    • How to edit an adhoc page
    • How to link or redirect to an adhoc page

Week 6 (9 September 2016)

  • Layout of pages
  • Correct use of tables
  • Spacing between paragraphs in the content editor

Week 7 (16 September 2016): Recap of week 6

  • Correct use of page layouts
  • Acceptable image sizes for staff pages

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