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Implement and reflect


In this Short Learning Programme you have:

For each activity you will have received feedback on each step in this process, within the discussion forums and your Google Classroom activities.
In this final module, you need to:
  • improve, where necessary, on the lesson you have been assembling in the previous activities
  • put everything together to create a coherent online learning module for teaching and learning your chosen topic
  • implement this with your learners
    reflect on this process
  • reflect on the learning you have undergone in this module



  1. Plan and implement your lesson, as explained above. Include as a student in your class.
  2. Go to the Teach Online SLP Google Classroom (click here for guidance).
  3. Click on "Classwork" (top, center).
  4. Click on the assignment under the "Implement and reflect" heading.
  5. Click on the "Implement and reflect: Your lesson" Google form. Note the marking rubric. Answer the questions.
  6. Press the black button "Mark as done" to show that you have finished this assignment. If you don't need to attach any files, then you can simply press "Mark as done" again when you are asked "Mark as done?". If you need to attach files to make everything clear, then remember to do so.
  7. Note that this task weighs 50% of the final mark for this short learning programme.
  8. Please answer a voluntary questionnaire about this SLP to help us to improve (link on button below or click here).   |   University of the Free State South Campus   |   +27 51 451 1024 / +27 78 508 0848


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