Africa Month Poetry

iAfrika likhaya ©Beverley Wilcock

We are African
Africa is our motherland
we are fierce
we are diverse
and we do not conform
this is our norm

iAfrika likhaya
iAfrika yam
ja Afrika is warm,
maar ons hou van braai

Our languages vary
but our love is strong
iAfrika likhaya
iAfrika yam
iAfrika yamps us down
even through much wrong
Africa wishes you well
Afrika sê mooi bly
Hamba kahle
Hamba kakhule mhlobo wam

Africa, my continent!

Katleho Mokoena
B. Education Student (UFS)

A lot has been said about me
Some took knowledge and still kept it from my offspring.
My history is written by foreigners, yet taught to my children
I am beautiful and wealthy, yet am treated like a prisoner
We are dived by borders, but the truth is, I blame the orders from the colonial masters
Today we burn each other, and no longer protect each other.
Some judge my language and say, I’m not an African, yet yesterday they used my bed to fight the struggle. Read More...

Africanism was born in me!


Ibonile Matikinca
NAS student (UFS)

Tsi! Tsi! Ma-Afrika amahle
Buphi na ubuAfrika benu?
Kutheni ningabugqamisi nje okwepikoko ityhila amaphiko?
Kuyephi na ukuzingca ngobuAfrika?

Tyhini mandiqale ndibhotise mawethu imbeko iyephi na

Habari wa-Afrika ,Sanni `yan Afrika ,Ndewo ndiAfrika
Sanibonani eAfrika

Kaloku iAfrika lixhalanga elimaphiko mdaka
Lilizwekazi elinentlukwano yeelwimi
Ngumzi ophucuke kakhulu kumasiko nezithethe
Kiswahili ni lugha inayozungumzwa Zaidi katika Afrika

The culture of Africa is varied
We have Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania

On Being an African


Mary-Ann Damons
Professional Social Worker


It is said that I am not black;
It is said that I am not white;

They classified me as coloured because, according to them, the PENCIL used to define me; did not slide through my ancestors’ hair – easy enough to be classified as white and also not difficult enough to be classified as black; yet my crown reflects the beauty of my diverse heritage …

It is said that I don’t have a culture,
It is said that I don’t speak an African language;
And therefore, it is said that I am not an African.

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