Bluetooth race

Kovsie ACT Bluetooth Race
11 May 2024 12:00 -11 May 2024 16:00
H van der Merwe Scholtz Hall, UFS Bloemfontein Campus

Building up to the annual Kovsie Eco-vehicle race, the University of the Free State’s Kovsie ACT will be presenting the Bluetooth race. During this race, according to Mpumelelo Ntozakhe, a member of Kovsie ACT’s Executive Committee, the students will be racing cars that they have constructed using their laptops and smartphones.

Ntozakhe says the Bluetooth Race represents the culmination of seven months of dedicated work by the students. At this event, the students will showcase the models - which are smaller replicas of the eco-vehicle race cars they built - with their teams from various colleges and campuses. “Beyond mere displays, this event serves as a testament to the invaluable skills developed through our EcoVehicles Skills Programme,” he states.

He remarks that among these skills, coding stands out as students showcase their prowess by racing Bluetooth cars they've constructed and programmed using their smartphones and laptops. According to Ntozakhe this innovative approach not only highlights their technical acumen but also underscores their adaptability in use modern technology.

With this event the organising committee at Kovsie ACT is raising awareness for the upcoming EcoVehicle race scheduled for 18 May and fostering greater student engagement. “By involving a larger segment of the student body, we aim to surpass previous participation rates and inspire more individuals to join our skills programme, “ comments Ntozakhe.

Staff, students and the public are invited to come and support the 10 teams in their battle to victory.

The teams from the Bloemfontein Campus, the Qwaqwa Campus, the South Campus and the Central University of Technology will be participating in two categories, the Drag Race and the Fastest Lap.

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