04 March 2019 | Story Valentino Ndaba
Tsietsi Ngobese
Tsietsi Ngobese is many things: a CEO, fruit and vegetable vendor, and accident survivor.

South African law on seatbelts states that no person should operate or occupy a vehicle without wearing a seatbelt. According to Regulation 213 of the National Road Traffic Act, following seatbelt safety rules is one of the ways to prevent being fatally injured in case of an accident. Tsietsi Ngobese can attest to that after the experience which nearly cost him and his family their lives.

The University of the Free State’s (UFS) BSafe campaign commends the graduate and his family for abiding by road rules. The university’s BSafe campaign often places emphasis on using the road responsibly to ensure the wellbeing of all students and staff members.

Surviving the road to graduation

Tsietsi was due to step proudly on the stage at the Callie Human Centre to graduate on 11 April 2018. However, the road trip to the happiest day of his life turned into a nightmare when the vehicle he and seven of his family members were travelling in overturned in Kroonstad.

“Everything happened so fast. All I could hear was breaking glass and crunching metal before I became unconscious. I only regained consciousness when I heard my mother calling my name. When I opened my eyes we were upside-down, saved by our seat belts. The car was damaged beyond repair.”

The university had to make special arrangements for Tsietsi to fulfil his dream of walking onto the graduation stage to collect his Actuarial Science degree in December 2018.

Living a purpose-driven life

If you were to walk down the road of a typical township in South Africa, rest assured that the nearest street corner has a fruit and vegetable stall. If you were to stroll down Fumane Street in Katlehong in Gauteng, you are guaranteed to be greeted by none either than Tsietsi – an actuarial analyst by profession who is a vendor in practice.

Solving the world’s problems
one equation at a time

It was the same passion to live that led Tsietsi to decline multiple job offers. Instead he opted to sell fruit and vegetables to give him an opportunity to build his educational company. Wesolve4x offers tutoring, responsible research and innovation solutions to primary and high school learners through guidance from university partners. It is based on the learners’ inherent natural curiosity.

“We are aware that the South Africa education system is one of the best in the world, however, the challenge is how the content is delivered. As a product of the system for the past 17 years, I invented a system which we managed to patent on 12 June 2018 as a direct response,” says Tsietsi.

The world does not abound with stories such as Tsietsi’s. However, when his life was spared on the road on that fateful morning, his passion for life deepened.

BSafe and conquer the world

Safety is a critical aspect of the university’s core business. A number of on and off campus safety measures have been put in place to ensure the well-being of students and staff members. In the off-campus environment Protection Services has partnered with stakeholders such as the South African Police Services and Community Police Forum, amongst others. Internally, stakeholders are constantly sensitising the Kovsies community on individual and collective ways to stay safe, whether on the road, psychologically, in cyberspace, against sexual offenders, and gender-based discrimination.

The BSafe campaign urges all students and staff members to follow the lead of Wesolve4x’s CEO who is driven to make a difference in society. You are urged to fasten your seatbelt at all times. Your dreams await you.

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