27 October 2020 | Story Andre Damons | Photo Supplied
Innocensia Mangoato, Lecturer/ Researcher in the Department of Pharmacology, will visit the University of Bonn from 1st March 2021 until November 2021 for her PhD in Pharmacology.

A lecturer and researcher from the University of the Free State (UFS) says she is looking forward to working with Dr Gudrun S Ulrich-Merzenich from the University of Bonn in Germany, after being selected for a Argelander scholarship to complete her doctoral studies at the AG Synergy Research and Experimental Medicine research unit. 

Innocensia Mangoato, Lecturer/Researcher in the Department of Pharmacology, will visit the University of Bonn from March until November 2021 to work with Dr Ulrich-Merzenich, who heads the working group on Synergy Research and Experimental Medicine. Mangoato’s PhD in Pharmacology, under the direct supervision of Prof Motlalepula Matsabisa, focuses on cannabis and cancer drug resistance reversal through studying various efflux transporters that play a major role in anticancer drug resistance. 

According to her, this is because anticancer drug resistance plays a major role in the failure of standard chemotherapy when treating human cancer.

Excited and honoured 

“I am extremely excited and honoured to have my proposal selected for the scholarship. I am thrilled and look forward to be working with Dr Gudrun S Ulrich-Merzenich,” says Mangoato, who initially wanted to study medicine and specialise in gynaecology.

Dr Ulrich-Merzenich specialises in synergy research and experimental medicine. While at the University of Bonn, Mangoato will register as an international student of Bonn so that she can attend classes and academic programmes to enhance her studies, including attending the Synergy Conference in Switzerland.

Will change her attitude towards science

Regarding Mangoato’s visit to Germany, Prof Matsabisa says, “I really feel she deserves it. She has been a very consistent young lady in her science research studies. I am very proud of her. This move will strengthen our existing collaborative research with the University of Bonn and Dr Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich.”

 Prof Matsabisa continues: “This exposure will change Mangoato’s attitude to science, research, and training for ever.  She will be in good hands, as she will be working with an excellent scientist of the calibre of Dr Ulrich-Merzenich. I want to see more of my students travelling abroad, spending good research time with my collaborators all over the world to get the necessary exposure, and positive change in research attitudes,” says Prof Matsabisa.

He concludes by saying: “I want to create researchers of international standing.”

Message to other students? 

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, with the right amount of discipline and dedication.

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