19 July 2021

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences invites all its academic departments to participate in the 2021 celebration of Nelson Mandela Day by requesting their staff and students to become involved in a 67-minute fitness challenge to be held over a seven-day period, commencing on 18 July 2021. These kilometres can be completed by running, walking, swimming or on a bicycle (no vehicles permitted). 

These activities may be completed at any location, at any time from 18 to 25 July 2021 (terminating at midnight on 25 July). This ensures that social distancing protocols are adhered to, since each individual is completing the challenge on their own.

Participants will be required to provide relevant proof of the distance completed, as well as the date and time interval, by either submitting a picture of the treadmill screen, sharing the progress they logged by using a mobile app such as Strata, pictures of the number of steps completed, etc. (Send this via email to Reabetswe Parkies at Parkiesrg@ufs.ac.za upon completion – at the latest by 08:00 on 26 July 2021.)

Raising funds

To raise funds, each department in the faculty is requested to consider sponsoring a specific amount per kilometre completed by their staff and students. It is recommended that each department consider its available budget for this purpose and that the total departmental contribution should be capped at a specific amount to ensure that departments are not faced with open-ended liabilities.  We have sought and obtained approval from the Department of Finance for the use of UFS funds in this manner. To this end, for example, the School of Accountancy has pledged to contribute R10 per kilometre completed, capped at a maximum contribution of R6 700.

To encourage healthy competition and to increase the amount raised, departments will be encouraged to compete against each other and attempt to complete the most kilometres. Each department will donate their pledges to the charity of their choice.  In support of this noble cause, the Dean’s office has pledged a donation of R6 700 to the winning academic department, to be added to the department’s donation to the charity. 

We believe this is a very good marketing initiative, as well as an opportunity for the faculty to illustrate its commitment to social investment and community engagement.  It is also likely to contribute to improving the morale of the staff in the faculty. The UFS Community Engagement office has further indicated that it would like to arrange a radio interview to promote this event – to this end, we can raise awareness and place the spotlight on a worthy cause.

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