26 April 2022 | Story André Damons and Ravini Moodley
Ravini Moodley
Ravini Moodley, Director of Innovation and Contracts in the Directorate Research Development.

World Intellectual Property Day, which is celebrated on 26 April since the year 2000, is an opportunity to focus on the nature of intellectual property (IP) as an important driver of human development and economic growth. This year, the theme is ‘Intellectual Property and Youth: Innovating for a better future’.

According to Ravini Moodley, Director of Innovation and Contracts in the Directorate Research Development at the University of the Free State (UFS), this is well aligned to the incredible work that the students and staff are doing in the department. Fantastic inventions and creative work are being developed at our university. These could be used in companies and society to create a better future indeed!

The UFS Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is based in the Directorate Research Development. We are here to support students and staff to transform their creations so that they can make economic, social, and environmental improvements.

“‘Intellectual property’ refers to creations of the mind, which include inventions, designs, literary and artistic works. Trademarks, which can be words or logos that help to build the brand of a company, are also considered intellectual property. There is a specific legal function dedicated to protecting intellectual property, because these are the intangible assets that many businesses use to generate their income,” says Moodley.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), established under the United Nations (UN), facilitates international dialogue and establishes processes for countries to co-operate on intellectual property rights. The WIPO has designated World Intellectual Property Day as 26 April since the year 2000.

At the TTO, we help students and staff to

  • understand how to protect the intellectual property they develop during their research;
  • investigate the commercial opportunities and possible routes to the market for their technologies;
  • ensure that the university has an accurate record of intellectual property developed by staff and students; and
  • ensure that part of the benefits of the intellectual property commercialised by the UFS are distributed to the inventors and innovators.

We will be using the week of 25 April 2022 to highlight some of the UFS patents and to provide more information on topics related to intellectual property and commercialisation. Over the next few months, we will also be building up our resources on the DRD webpage; so please watch that space.

You can also contact Ravini Moodley moodleyr5@ufs.ac.za or Prudence Clarke ClarkeP@ufs.ac.za for more information.

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On 26 April every year, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

World IP Day 2022 – IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future – shines a light on how young inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs can use intellectual property (IP) rights to achieve their goals, generate income, create jobs, tackle local and global challenges, and support community and national development.

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