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30 July 2019 | Story Valentino Ndaba | Photo Barend Nagel
HR Kovsie Care
The great poet Virgil once said: “The greatest wealth is health.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently listed burnout as an occupational phenomenon in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Although not classified as a medical condition, its imprint on employees’ health status is absolute. 

The hallmark of any conducive workplace is its ability to assist employees to successfully manage stress. The Occupational Development and Employee Wellness Division at the University of the Free State’s (UFS) Department of Human Resources (HR) continues to make concerted efforts to ensure the good mental and physical health of all staff members.

Solving an occupational dilemma

Burnout is characterised by feelings of energy depletion, increased mental distance from one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy. Over the past few years HR has launched various preventive programmes for support and academic staff as well as service workers.

One of these initiatives is the Power Hour sessions which are hosted at lunchtime across all campuses. These interactive platforms cover topics ranging from pain, emotional intelligence, bullying, healthy eating habits, resilience and anxiety. 

Fitness as a stress reliever

Over the years what were known as Takkie Tuesdays and Thursdays have evolved into “Take a Break & Feel the difference”. Staff members take 30-minute walks during lunchtime to boost productivity, confidence, energy levels, concentration and creativity while reducing stress symptoms and preventing lifestyle illnesses.

“Our mission is to cultivate a culture of health and wellness. We believe that when the culture is conducive it affects staff performance. The main purpose is to create an environment where people are mentally and physically well,” said Burneline Kaars, head of the wellness division.

Caring is sharing knowledge

True to its tagline “Care”, which stands for: Create, Attract, Retain, Excellence, the division works around the clock to care for staff members’ mental wellbeing. This includes referring those who need curative measures for free counselling provided by Careways.

Another way through which the division inspires employees to enrich their minds, bodies and souls is the Workout@Work programme that offers cardio exercises after office hours and the Pedometer Challenge which tracks physical movement throughout the day.

“It all boils down to being more active. It gets people to leave the office, enjoy the sun, and become more creative and energised,” says Arina Engelbrecht, Employee Wellness Specialist. 

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UV betreur afsterwe van baanbreker

Die hoofbestuur van die Universiteit van die Vrystaat (UV) het met hartseer verneem van die afsterwe van dr. Barnie Human.

 Dr. Human het ‘n B Com- en honneursgraad aan die UV verwerf.  Sy  bande met die UV strek oor amper veertig jaar.   Hy was vanaf 1967-1995 lid van die UV-Raad en was vir meer as dertig jaar betrokke by fondswerwingsprojekte vir die Ontwikkelingstrustfonds van die UV.  In 1977 is hy verkies tot nasionale voorsitter van die UOVS Oudstudente Reünie, voorloper van die latere Kovsie-Alumni Bond.  Hy is in 1981 deur sy alma mater vereer met ‘n eredoktorsgraad in ekonomie. 

 Dr. Human, wat deurlopend baie aktief betrokke by die aktiwiteite van die Kovsie- Alumni Bond, het in 1985 die Bond se hoofbestuurstoekenning ontvang vir uitsonderlike diens gelewer aan die UV.  Hy is ook in 1993 aangewys as ere-trustee van die Ontwikkelingstrustfonds.

 In Oktober 2004 het die UV hom vereer met ‘n Eeufeesmedalje vir sy bydrae tot die ontwikkeling van die UV se fondsinsamelingsaksies, veral ten opsigte van die vestiging van fisiese fasiliteite op die Hoofkampus in Bloemfontein.  Sy geldelike bydrae het die UV in staat gestel om die Callie Human-sentrum te bou.  Die sentrum is ter nagedagtenis van sy seun, Callie wat in 1967 in ‘n motorfietsongeluk oorlede is, opgerig.

 “Dr. Human was ‘n ware steunpilaar vir die UV.  Ons is dankbaar dat ons hom in 2004 daarvoor kon vereer met ‘n Eeufeesmedalje voor sy afsterwe,” sê prof. Frederick Fourie, Rektor en Visekanselier van die UV.

 “Ons simpatiseer ook met mev. Swannie Human en die egpaar se dogter, mev. Christina Strydom.  Dr. Human laat nie net ‘n leemte in die Bloemfonteinse sakewêreld nie, maar ook in die harte van die mense aan die UV wat hom geken het en saam met hom gewerk het,” sê prof. Fourie.

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