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18 February 2022 | Story Gerben van Niekerk and Anthony Mthembu

Gateway collage

First-Year Orientation 2022:
Dream Walk Event 19 February 2022

Step 1: Register on the RSVP Evasys link attached below (link will close on 18 February 2022 at 22:00).

RSVP link:

Gateway QR

Step 2: On 19 February 2022, wear your Gateway faculty T-shirt and UFS mask and meet us at the outdoor gym next to the Main Gate (Gate 1). Arrive 20 minutes before your start time. (Please see table below for the schedule and start times.)

Step 3: Collect your dream card from the FYO crew. Write down your dreams and aspirations for 2022 on the dream card.

Step 4: With your dream card in hand, mask on, and cheerful spirit, join your group in front of the Main Gate (please follow instructions given by the marshals on duty).

Step 5: Walk to the Red Square with your group. NB!! Remember to sing and dance as you walk in celebration of your beautiful dream (route: Main Gate   Callie Human   Red Square).

Step 6: At the Red Square, stop and strike a pose as you walk under the banner. Allow the moment to sink in … let it be engraved in your mind and memory as the point and moment where you took your first steps towards achieving your dream(s).

Step 7: Walk to Pellies Park in your group.

Step 8: Get into formation on the field for the aerial photo of the 2022 Kovsie class

Step 9: Grab your snack pack and proceed to the different venues for the Gateway Sports Tournament.

Step 10: Go home and marvel at the big step you have taken towards achieving your goals.

Step 11: Buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be an epic!!!

Please see table below for the schedule and start times:

Group 1 Tswelopele and Welwitschia 07:45
Group 2 Vergeet-my-nie and Madelief 08:00
Group 3 *City College /Commuter students 08:15
Group 4 *City College /Commuter students 08: 30
Group 5 Abraham Fischer and Outeniqua 08:45
Group 6 Conlaurês and Villa Bravado 09:00
Group 7 City College (*City College /Commuter students) 09:15
Group 8 Armentum and Khayalami 09:30
Group 9 Harmony and Soetdoring 09:45
Group 10 *City College /Commuter students 10:00
Group 11 *City College /Commuter students 10:15
Group 12 Roosmaryn and Emily Hobhouse 10:30
Group 13 Kestell, Karee, and Lehakwe 10:45
Group 14 Wag-’n-Bietjie, Karee, and Kagiso 11:00
Group 15 Akasia and Beyers Naude 11:15
Group 16 SHU and Beyers Naude 11:30
Group 17 *City College /Commuter students 11:45
Group 18 Sonnedou, Imperium, Legatum, and Veritas 12:00

*Group limited to 220 students per slot

Bloemfontein Campus (19 February 2022) l Qwaqwa Campus (26 February 2022) South Campus (4 March 2022)

Gateway Sports Tournament

First year students at the University of the Free State (UFS) can prepare themselves for a full sports programme during the 2022 Gateway Orientation Programme. The Gateway Sports Tournament will be an opportunity for first year students to showcase their skills. First year students on the Bloemfontein Campus can join in on some serious sporting action starting on the following days:

18 February -          Chess (all)
-          Table Tennis (all)
19 February -          Netball
-          Volleyball (ladies)
-          Soccer (ladies)
-          Basketball (men)
20 February -          Basketball (ladies)
-          Volleyball (men)
-          Soccer (men)


-  First year students on the QwaQwa Campus can partake in the following activities between 25 and 27 February:


25 February -          Chess (all)
-          Table Tennis (all)
26 February -          Netball (ladies)
-          Volleyball (ladies)
-          Basketball (ladies)
-          Soccer (ladies)
27 February -          Netball (men)
-          Volleyball (men)
-          Basketball (men)
-          Soccer (men)

-  First year students on the South Campus can partake in the following activities on 4 and 5 March:

4 March -          Chess (all)
-          Table Tennis (all)
5 March -          Netball (all)
-          Volleyball (all)
-          Basketball (all)
-          Soccer (all)


First-year students at the University of the Free State (UFS) can look forward to a 2022 welcome programme full of activities and programmes to make sure they are ready to make a successful start at Kovsies.  

The Gateway Orientation programme is a programme that is purposefully designed to orientate new students effectively to the university environment, and in this way assist their transition to higher education.  Prospective students can visit the UFS website to find important information before registration.

Virtual Orientation Programme 

Gateway Orientation Programme 2022

As in 2021, the first-year orientation programme will be hosted virtually. The Gateway Orientation programme will be held on Blackboard, an online platform that helps students navigate their lives at Kovsies. Students can join the sessions on Blackboard after their registration. The online orientation sessions will remain available from 7 February to 31 March 2022, and registered students are welcome to access this material at any time. 

Additionally, Gateway provides first-year students with an extensive offering, including library orientations, faculty-specific orientations, sports tournaments, and Dreamwalks on the Bloemfontein, Qwaqwa, and South campuses (see detailed programme below).  It also offers first-year students the opportunity to meet new friends, to build new relationships, and to join new communities. 

Students are encouraged to actively participate in the Student Life Peer Mentor Programme. Get more information about the programme here or contact 

Log in for the Gateway Programme

To join the Gateway Orientation programme after registration, following the steps below:

Access the Blackboard organisation (How to log on)
STEP 2: Click on the Organisations link in the left navigation
STEP 3: Select the "First-year Orientation" organisation for your specific campus
STEP 4: Work through and complete the themes under the "First-year Orientation" organisation for your specific campus
Peer Mentor Programme

First-year students can also contact the WhatsApp chatbot at  +27 87 240 6370  to conduct an online chat conversation via text messages. 

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