The department is currently equipped with the following analytical infrastructure:

  • i) JEOL JSM-6610 scanning electron microscope with Thermo Scientific Ultradry energy dispersive and Magnaray wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometers
  • ii) Panalytical Axios wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer
  • iii) Panalytical Empyrean X-ray diffractometer
  • iv) A variety of light microscopes including a gemmological microscope.

The department has a well-maintained selection of rock saws, grinding and polishing laps, crushers, mills, sample splitters and homogenisers used for sample preparation and processing. The department also has access to a variety of analytical instruments housed within the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, the Institute for Groundwater Studies, and the Centre for Microscopy.

Contact details:

Analytical Scientist: Ms Megan Purchase
Tel: +27 51 401 7158

Description: Geology Keywords: X-Ray, Fluorescence, Spectrometer, geologyPanalytical Axios WDXRF

Description: Geology Keywords: XRD, X-Ray, Diffractometer, GeologyPanalytical Empyrean XRD


Marketing Manager: Mrs Elfrieda Lötter
T: +27 51 401 2531

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