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CAT 20 What's the Principle
Estimated Levels of Time and Energy Required for:
Faculty to prepare to use this CAT Medium
Students to respond to the assessment Low
Faculty to analyze the data collectedLow
Description"After students figure out what type of problem they are dealing with, they often must then decide what principle or principles to apply in order to solve the problem. This CAT focuses on that second step in problem solving. It provides students with a few problems and asks them to state the principle that best applies to each problem."

 Purpose"What’s the Principle? assesses students’ ability to associate specific problems with the general principles used to solve them – or the principles that, having been violated, created the problems. Responses to this technique tell faculty whether students understand how to apply basic principles of the discipline. What’s the Principle? helps students recognize the general types of problems they can solve with particular principles, rather than merely learning how to solve individual problems." — Classroom Assessment Techniques, Angelo, TA and Cross, KP, 1993

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