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Administering SASSE involves active collaboration between SASSE staff and participating institutions for about a 12-month time span. SASSE participants will be assisted with every aspect of preparing and administering SASSE, including invitations, reminder messages, and delivery of the online survey. This process ensures consistency and comparability among institutions and establishes a foundation for accurate comparisons.

SASSE also provides a secure web-portal for uploading files and managing survey administration details from start to finish.

The timeline below approximates the general activities of the 12-month cycle:

Registration and planning: January to May

  • Registration opens
  • Familiarise yourself with the administration process
  • Begin planning promotional activities and material

Survey preparation: May to June

  • Prepare survey materials such as the population file, recruitment messages, message schedule, and participation incentives
  • Finalise and implement promotional strategy
  • Coordinate message delivery with campus Information Technology (IT) professionals

Administration: August to September

  • Administering SASSE
  • Reminder messages to all undergraduate students as necessary
  • Response rate is monitored

Data and reports: January

  • Institutional report delivery and data files available for download