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Essential Characteristics:   Pages:
Primary Mode Collaborative 170-173
Activity Focus Multiple
Duration of Activity Single Session
Online Transferability High
Description and Purpose

This SET offers an alternative to traditional lecture. It engages students by requiring them to move around the room and interact with learning materials in an active way as they examine, question, exchange ideas with peers, respond to prompts, and formulate their own thoughts and commentary. Exhibits can be simple (flip-chart paper with a question written on it) or elaborate (an interactive multi-sensory presentation). Displayed items depend on course content and instructional goals. Examples are written documents (such as letters, content summaries, quotes), visual documents (charts, photographs, art work reproductions), objects (cultural artifacts, biological specimens), and media (audio and film recordings). Learner interactions also vary and can include solving exhibit-posed problems, discussing responses to a prompt, using exhibit information to complete worksheets, or writing group or individual reflective essays.

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