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Team Jeopardy
Essential Characteristics:   Pages:
Primary Mode Collaborative 174-180
Activity Focus Discussing
Duration of Activity Single Session
Online Transferability Low
Description and Purpose

The main focus of some courses is to help students understand and remember the basic facts, figures, and vocabulary that constitute a course or discipline's foundational knowledge.  Often this material must be mastered before students can move on to tasks that require higher levels of thinking. Yet it is sometimes difficult to motivate students to put in the effort required to memorise such material. Modelled on the TV show Jeopardy!, this SET offers a fast-paced, energising way for students to work together as they review this kind of nuts-and-bolts information. Student teams take turns selecting the category and point value of cells on a grid that correspond to course content questions, and then compete to answer these questions correctly. As on Jeopardy! questions are presented in the form of an answer. For example, the correct response to the grid question "An Englishman considered to be the father of antiseptic surgery" is "Who was Joseph Lister?" Questions are organised in categories and vary in difficulty, with more challenging questions having the potential to earn more points. When the question is revealed, a team has an allotted time period to 'ring in' with their response.

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