MDP322: Clinical Community Work: Projects for 2012

Child Welfare - Heidedal

Based on a situation analysis done in Heidedal (Ashbury), it was found that the community experience an increase in child sexual abuse and that these cases are often not reported as the community do not know how and where to report it. As apparently the sexual abuse of children has occurred over many generations, it is also regarded by the community as "normal".

The aim of the project was to make learners at Joe Solomon Primary School aware of the phenomenon and how it should be dealt with.

Diakonale Dienste - Heidedal

Based on social work reports, there is an increase of Heidedal learners sniffing glue.

The focus of the awareness campaign was to address this issue emphasising specifically the effect that glue has on the child. This project, initiated by the students, was launched at Heide Primary School and will be duplicated at the other primary schools of Heidedal.

Free State Care in Action

Group 1
Empowering youth with income-generating skills

Unemployment amongst the youth is a reality in Batho, Mangaung.
The project addressed this issue by linking them with relevant resources in the community. These resources include the Department of Labour, the youth development agencies and Motheo FET College.

Group 2
Drug and alcohol abuse awareness at Dr Bohmer School

The increase of drug and alcohol abuse received attention when the South African Police Service (SAPS) provided learners of Dr Bohmer School with information regarding the consequences of abuse.

Group 3
Building cohesion amongst group members

The community of Wilgehof experience many common problems like house break-ins, problems with student houses, lack of municipal services etc. Unfortunately there is no cohesion amongst the inhabitants. The focus of the project was to build cohesion so that the community could handle their common problems as a collective.

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Kerklike Maatskaplike Diens (KMD)

Group 1
Awareness campaign to empower women and girls

In order to empower women and girls that are plagued by unemployment, the project aimed to equip the women and girls of Chris Hani with skills in order to start their own recycling projects.

Group 2
Equipping foster children with life skills

The situation analysis determined that in the community of Joe Slovo many relationship problems exist between foster parents and their foster children. A foster child forum was established and will focus on issues such as communication, peer pressure, relationship problems, etc. - all issues identified as creating a barrier between foster parents and children.

Group 3
Awareness campaign on child neglect and abuse

, as in many other communities, also has many children that are abused and neglected. The awareness campaign highlighted this issue and how it could be addressed.

Serobe Crisis Centre

Serobe means "the nest". Serobe is situated in the Setshabelo Centre, Dr Belcher Road, Heidedal.

Students were made aware of intimate partner violence. Students had a discussion on this topic on KovsieFM. Through a poetry evening and distribution of pamphlets designed by the students, further awareness was created.

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