22 January 2020 | Story Valentino Ndaba | Photo Sonia Small (Kaleidoscope Studio)
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First-year students: Your safety comes first

Welcome to the first-year students at the University of the Free State (UFS) and best wishes for the 2020 academic year. We value your safety at all our three campuses and call on you to familiarise yourself with all safety features.
From safety off-campus and at residences, to personal security in general, the university has measures in place to ensure your well-being. Here are some of the resources available to you:

24/7 Operational Centres
Protection Services consistently works towards ensuring that security is tight on UFS campuses through its 24/7 Operational Centres. Emergencies and crime incidents that affect students may be reported at the centres. The certification of documents and drafting of affidavits are also facilitated at these centres.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Cameras
All campuses are monitored by CCTV cameras on a 24/7 basis.  A process is under way to further enhance cameras to cover hotspots. Recently 107 cameras were upgraded to improve the safety of students. The adequacy of lighting was assessed and a process is under way to improve lighting on campuses where weak spots were observed.

Red pole alarms (panic buttons)
Red pole alarms fitted with cameras were installed around the Bloemfontein Campus which are linked to the Operational Centre. Alarms are tested daily and any problems are attended to immediately. A process also under way to install red pole alarms on the South Campus.

Security Patrols 
Security patrols are conducted on a daily basis on foot and by vehicles on all campuses to respond to student complaints and for visibility.

Security at residences
Security Officers are deployed around the female residences at night. Monthly liaison meetings are held between Protection Services with Housing and Residence Affairs to discuss areas for improvement and alternative options to ensure security.

Dedicated Investigating Officers
An investigating officer is on standby 24/7 who is available to students and staff who has a fully entrenched relationship with the South African Police Service (SAPS) Investigation Unit. All complaints are fully investigated, and cases being handled by SAPS investigators are also followed up by Protection Services.
Accreditation of off-campus residences
The Housing and Residence Affairs department, in collaboration with Protection Services, has conducted an assessment of off-campus student residences to check whether security at the facilities is adequate.
Student Crime Stop WhatsApp group
A WhatsApp group consisting of students, members of SAPS, the Community Police Forum (CPF), Sector Policing, Protection Services, and armed security companies was set up to share safety and security concerns experienced by students. 

Dedicated security and SAPS vehicles deployed at identified hotspots 
Security patrols are conducted at areas such as Brandwag, Willows and Universitas, where a large number of students live. In addition, joint crime awareness sessions with the SAPS are held to address issues that arise from time to time.
Distribution of whistles 
The whistle project, in collaboration with SAPS, CPF and armed response companies, is currently under way. The UFS has purchased 10 000 whistles which will be distributed to students at all campuses.
Community Police Forum (CPF) membership
The UFS is represented on CPF committees. In the near future a CPF will be established on the Bloemfontein Campus to ensure student participation.

Emergency Services: Bloemfontein Campus
Protection Services: +27 51 401 2911 | +27 51 401 2634 | 0800 204 682
Ambulance: +27 80 005 1051 | 10177
Social worker: +27 73 182 3048
Kovsie Health: +27 51 401 2603

Emergency Services: South Campus
Protection Services: +27 51 505 1217
Ambulance: +27 80 005 1051 | 10177
Social worker: +27 73 182 3048
Kovsie Health: +27 51 401 2603

Emergency Services: Qwaqwa Campus
Protection Services: +27 58 718 5460 | +27 58 718 5175 | +27 58 718 5360
Ambulance: 10177
Social worker: +27 58 718 5090 | +27 58 718 5091
Kovsie Health: +27 58 718 5210

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