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Concepts related to RPL

RPL Definitions

Principles of RPL

RPL seeks to grant admission to deserving candidates who experience barriers to meeting the formal requirements for admission or registration to higher education.
Furthermore, RPL is a pedagogical process that transforms informal and non-formal knowledge into formal and structured equivalents based on specific competencies. RPL is context specific in terms of the programme, the discipline and the institution. 

What RPL is not?

RPL is NOT a process through which you can obtain a qualification without registering and studying for it. You can gain access to a programme through RPL, but a qualification is NOT granted on the basis of RPL alone. RPL is an acknowledgement that status equivalent to the prior qualification has been awarded for the soul purpose to access the qualification applied for. 

The following requests do NOT qualify as RPL:
  • We do not offer credit transfer exemption. The application for credits can be done through the faculty at UFS. 
  • RPL is not credit-bearing.
  • RPL is not a status for a qualification obtained outside SA.
  • If you have an existing qualification (from another higher education institution) and would like to continue your studies in the same discipline, you do NOT go through the RPL process. You follow the normal process of application.
  • RPL does not offer credits for a module completed at UFS or another university.
  • RPL is not equivalent to matriculation exemption.
  • RPL is not obtaining a qualification without registering for it.

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