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Mr Theo Botha
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Centre for Teaching and Learning
IB 7
UFS-Sasol Library


Botha, T. E. (2021). Austen`s rainbow: A psychobiographical study of Jane Austen`s career development. (Unpublished Master`s Dissertation). University of the Free State.

Fouché, J.P., Naidoo, P., & Botha, T. E. (2019). A psychosocial portrait of Adam Small’s Eriksonian ego-strengths or virtues: Contextualised within South Africa’s pre-, middle-, and post-Apartheid eras. In C. H. Mayer & Z. Köváry (Eds.), New Trends in Psychobiography. Springer.

Fouché, J. P., Naidoo, P., & Botha, T. E. (2018, September 10-14). A Psychobiographical Portrait of Adam Small`s Eriksonian Ego-strengths: Contextualized within Pre-, Middle- and Post-Apartheid South Africa. Poster presentation at the 24th Annual Psychology Congress (Mamela2018) of the Psychological Society of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Botha, T. E. (2017). Adam Small: A psychobiographical study. (Unpublished Honours Project), University of the Free State.

Publications (Short List)


Area(s) of Interest

Psychobiography, psychohistory, history of psychology, philosophy of psychology, developmental psychology, authorial development

Courses Presented

EALH1508 (English Academic Literacy for the Humanities)

Previously lectured, facilitated or tutored:

EBCS1514 (Introduction to Business Calculations)

EBCS1524 (Introduction to Statistics and Probability)

EALH1508 (Academic Literacy for the Humanities)

PSIH2724 (Introduction to Health Psychology) 

PSSO2614 (Social Psychology)

PSPE3724 (Personology/Personality Psychology)

PSRM3714 (Research Methodology for Psychology) 

LSK115 (CUT) (Life Skills for ECP).

PSY105 (Imperium University) (Cultural Diversity)



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