Dr Bekithemba Dube
Senior Lecturer
School of Education Studies
School of Education Studies
Qwaqwa Campus
Sports Facilities

Short CV

Dube Bekithemba is a senior lecturer and coordinator for foundation and intermediate phase. His research interest are in post colonial study of education, religion and politics. 


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Education, Religion and Politics

Area(s) of Interest

Post colonial Study of Education, Religion and Politics

Courses Presented

EDUB 2714

GPED 1623

EDCS 6408

Community Service

Visiting scholar at Lupane State University

Guest Editor Alternation Journal

Guest Editor Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies

Service Learning

EDUB 2714


Shereen Motaung
T: + 27 51 401 2245

E: motaungsk@ufs.ac.za
E: eduinfo@ufs.ac.za

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