For the period 2015-2020, the UFS identified three interconnected priority areas: support services foundation, the Human Project and the Academic Project. The latter project is the one in which the Teaching and Learning Unit in the Dean’s office has the most defined contribution to make. One of the strategic goals related to the Academic Project is to improve the institution’s academic reputation by, inter alia, remaining sustainable and increasing student success. Strategies employed by the university to materialise these objectives are strategic management of enrolments and improvement of the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning. Against this bigger institutional picture as a backdrop, the management of teaching and learning in the Faculty of Education hinges on four declared intentions, namely to:

  • Support and engage students, in and out of the classroom
  • Support staff in their professional development journey
  • Enhance the learning environment by attending to quality assurance mechanisms
  • Enhance the faculty processes for new programme application, submission, implementation, and marketing of offerings

In our efforts to materialise these intentions, we take our cue from the recently renewed core values of the UFS, namely: academic excellence, inclusivity, diversity, and transformation. Holding on to this philosophy in everything we do, the T&L Unit operates as an active agent of intrinsic, constructive educational change with a view of optimising the capacity of not only the Faculty of Education, but also the broader UFS community, to be accountable to society.

Who are we?   

LungiswaLungiswa Nomtayi, previously a UFS employee in the Division: Student Academic Services, was appointed as an officer in the T&L Unit in May 2016.

CarolinaCarolina van der Merwe is an officer, jointly appointed in the UFS Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Faculty of Education in January 2017. She holds the post of Teaching and Learning Coordinator in the T&L Unit.


Shereen Motaung
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