2018 Postgraduate Conference

The 2018 Postgraduate Conference will be held on 28-29 September 2018 on the Bloemfontein Campus of the UFS. Please see the invitations for Master's and PhD students as well as BEd Hons and PGDip students.
1. Invitation for Master's and PhD students
2. Invitation for BEd Hons and PGDip students

The deadline for abstracts closes on 03 September 2018.
For any further queries, please contact Elsa Bester on postgraduateconference@ufs.ac.za or +27 51 401 3057.

In the Postgraduate Directorate, we host two annual conferences:

  • The postgraduate conference; and
  • The staff conference
The postgraduate conference is held in September every year and is aimed at the Master's and PhD students in the faculty. Here they are given the opportunity to showcase their research and obtain valuable feedback.

The staff conference is held in June and is open to all permanent, ad hoc, academic and support staff. It enables staff to showcase and collaborate on research projects within the faculty.

Below are some highlights from the 2017 postgraduate conference and the 2018 staff conference.
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