Examples of completed student projects

BAHons (Africa Studies)

  • Legitimacy, political stability and democracy in Equatorial Guinea: 1990-present
  • Dams and development: A case study of the Neckertal Dam in Namibia.
  • Investigating heritage resources in Maseru district, Lesotho.
  • Explaining land reform in the Jacobsdal area, Free State Province: A comparative case study analysis.
  • South African Military intervention in Central African Republic (CAR) in 2013: Examining the legality of the Intervention.
  • From Sarah Baartman to The Gods Must Be Crazy and beyond: The ‘media’ representation and marginalisation of the Khoi-San Peoples.
  • Interested Mediators: The case of South Africa in Lesotho.
  • Experiences of marginality within residence life in South Africa: The case study of House Karee.
  • Reading the subtext of the #FMF movement through the lens of Globalisation.
  • ‘Homosexuality is un-African?’ Critically exploring homophobic discourses in Uganda.
  • The Emergence of Coalition Politics in Lesotho and challenges of the system post 2012 elections.
  • Appraising prospects of hydraulic-fracturing in the Karoo Basin: A review of scientific and environmental literature.
  • ‘AFRICA UNITE’: Exploring the meanings of Pan-Africanism in the discourses of Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere.
  • The effectiveness of power sharing as a post-election conflict resolution measure: A case study of Kenya and Burundi.
  • Exploring Chitukuko Cha Amayi M’Malawi (CCAM) as a Women’s Social Movement in Malawi.
  • The collapse of democracy in South Sudan after two years of independence.
  • “A hashtag is not a movement?” The case of #FeesMustFall and social movement theory.
  • Infrastructures for peace in Ghana.
  • ‘Education before Liberation’: The life and times of Father D’Aes of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Bochabela.

Structured MA (Africa Studies)

  • A survey on the cultural meaning of clay: Origin preparation, colours and uses.
  • Tourism accommodation in Mangaung: Current dynamics, immediate challenges and future prospects.
  • A critical review and assessment of the South African government's post-settlement support to black farmers: A case study of Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD) in the Limpopo province.
  • Heritage resources in the Maluti-a-Phofung municipality.
  • Failed state in the context of political transition in Africa: The challenge of state-building in Mozambique.
  • Sacred waters: Investigating water rituals at Roma and Morija mission stations in Maseru District, Lesotho.
  • A Constructivist Political Economy Analysis of the Relationship between Post- Apartheid South Africa and Angola.
  • A critical examination of the role of transnational actors in Zimbabwe's political reform: A case study of the SADC, the SADC-CNGO, and the UN.
  • Caught between the ballot and the bullet: Comparative case studies of post-colonial politics of Guinea-Bissau and Guinea.
  • Cannabis in traditional healing: Exploring the practices and perceptions of traditional healers towards cannabis in Thaba Nchu.
  • The dynamics of gender and land reform: A study of the Weltevrede women farmers of the Eastern Free State.
  • Violence and Elections: A study of the impact of Boko Haram terrorist attacks on Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election.

Structured MA (Gender Studies)

  • Creative responses to patriarchy, colonisation and imperialism in the lives and works of Olive Schreiner and Helen Martins.
  • An exploratory study of perceptions of clergy on domestic violence within the Christian community in the midlands area of Kwazulu-Natal.
  • Role expectations and experiences of pastors’ wives in a Christian congregation.
  • Understanding the lived experiences and barriers leading to underemployment for skilled migrant Zimbabwean women living in Atteridgeville, South Africa.
  • The psycho-social factors contributing to economically independent women staying in abusive relationships in Randfontein, South Africa.
  • Perceptions and attitudes regarding ‘corrective rape’ among lesbian students at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein.
  • Exploring the Positive and Negative Experiences of Women Living with HIV when accessing HIV Treatment and Care from Public Health Care Facilities in Gauteng.
  • An exploration of the perceptions of UFS students regarding how masculinity is culturally defined and the impact it has on spousal relationships.

MA (Africa Studies) by dissertation

  • Geometry and indigenous knowledge systems (IKS): A case study.
  • The incorporation of indigenous knowledge in land reform projects: The Basotho Letjhabile and Maolosi Trust agricultural projects.
  • Are we boys or men? The incorporation of Basotho newly initiated men back into high school: The case of Botshabelo, Free State Province.

PhD (Africa Studies)

  • Ukuthwasa initiation of Amagqirha: Identity construction and the training of Xhosa women as traditional healers.
  • Land reform and poverty alleviation in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe.
  • Social capital and agricultural production: The case of smallholder maize farmers in Zimbabwe.
  • Pilgrimage to sacred sites in the Eastern Free State.
  • A survey of sacred sites and the construction of sacredness of space in the Free State.
  • Corrective rape and black lesbian sexualities in contemporary South African cultural texts.
  • Government, community and the university in Africa today: The case of the National University of Lesotho.
  • The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) collective and the socio-political construction of security.


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