Prof Luzelle Naude
7 111
IB 40
Psychology Building 111

Short CV

Highest qualification

PhD (Psychology) – University of the Free State, 2008



Publications (Short List)

See CV attached





Area(s) of Interest

“Who am I?”: Identity Development during Adolescence and Emerging adulthood

Individuals follow various pathways to answer the pressing question: Who am I?. This process is filled with excitement and possibility, but also challenge and contradiction. I am interested in the ways in which individuals define themselves and find their place in the world.

From a lifespan developmental perspective, the journey towards an established sense of self is present throughout life, but especially prominent during the “third decade of life” when late adolescents and emerging adults have the opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future. My research agenda includes status and narrative perspectives and is focussed on the interface among identity dimensions and socio-cultural contexts (such as family, romantic relationships, social media and education), with a strong appreciation for the dynamics of diversity in the multicultural milieu of South Africa. I follow mixed-methods, quantitative and qualitative approaches when exploring topics such as intersectionality and the integration of multiple identities; transformational journeys regarding self and society; and the challenges of forming an integrated identity in contexts of change and transition.

The research questions I am interested in answering….

  • How do adolescents and emerging adults define themselves? Which identity domains (gender/sexual, ethnic, career/professional, spiritual) are salient in their lives?
  • What processes do individuals follow to resolve what Erikson called the “identity crisis? How do they explore their “possible selves” and finally commit to an integrated, but multidimensional understanding of who they are?
  • How is identity development informed by contextual aspects such as friends, families, romance, higher education studies, the workplace, and social media?
  • What are the challenges that individuals experience in the process of finding a sense of self?

Courses Presented

Involvement in the Department of Psychology

  • Coordinator of Research
  • Honours programme: Advanced Psychotherapy and Ethic
  • Master’s programme: Ethics and Professional Issues in Applied Psychology
  • Master’s programme: Research in Applied Psychology 
  • Research supervision to various postgraduate students


Community Service

Service Learning


T: +27 51 401 2240 or

Marizanne Cloete: +27 51 401 2592

Neliswa Emeni-Tientcheu: +27 51 401 2536
Phyllis Masilo: +27 51 401 9683

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